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Reps: We won’t suspend plenary over coronavirus



The house of representatives says it is not considering suspending plenary amid the coronavirus outbreak.

Benjamin Kalu, the house spokesman, said this while addressing journalists in Abuja on Thursday.

There are 360 lawmakers at the lower chamber of the national assembly and thousands of visitors are received on a weekly basis.

To check the spread of the disease, some state governments have banned gatherings of more than 50 people.

Kalu, however, said the lawmakers will go on with sessions to enable them deliberate on “burning issues”.

“The house has been watching to see how things unfold, there are burning issues the house needs to address,” he said.

“If we close down and go, some of those things will not be addressed. There are burning issues in the country that the house needs to sit and resolve; that is why we cannot leave now.”

The house had on Wednesday proposed banning visitors from entering the National Assembly Complex.