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It’s no longer news that the father-daughter relationship between popular female gospel singer, Tope Alabi and her spiritual father, Prophet Ireti Ajanaku of Christ Victory Chapel International, Ayobo, Lagos has gone sour over irreconcilable differences.


Fresh facts have just emerged on what smeared the 13 years relationship between the duo. A very dependable source told First Weekly that part of the reasons for the imbroglio between the two personalities was that Tope was playing hide and seek with the acclaimed man of God.

Tope and her husband, Soji were reportedly going to the church whenever they deemed fit and concentrated more on their music engagement instead of participating in church activities as against what they used to do in the past.


According to a close source, Tope’s current posture was not what they agreed upon before the man of God anointed her music ministry many years back.


A reliable source said that before Tope Alabi climbed the success ladder, she used to go to Prophet Ajanaku’s church on commercial motorcycle (okada) and used to cry profusely each time she met the man of God as she was desperate for breakthrough, adding that she is now biting the fingers that fed her.


The final straw that broke the camel’s back, sources said, happened during the 2012 cross over night. Sources at the programme on the night of December 31st 2012 confirmed to First Weekly that Tope, who used to sit in the front row among the church officials, avoided the seats and went to sit in the midst of other worshippers as she had started having problems with her spiritual father then.


This sudden attitude of Tope, we were told, didn’t go down well with Pastor Ajanaku. However, acting on impulse on a very swift manner in accordance with the Biblical Prophet Samuel when he anointed David, while King Saul was still reigning, Pastor Ajanaku reportedly collected the micro-phone and announced a younger female gospel artiste, Ifemide, who was attending the church for the first time.


Pastor Ajanaku reportedly told Ifemide to kneel down and told the congregation that a new baby has just been born. Ajanaku allegedly told Ifemide to carry on with the work of God with his full backing and the anointing of the Holy Spirit. Pastor Ajanaku reiterated further that the anointing has been taken from someone else and given to the young lady.


Our sources said that Tope was really shattered by the events that were unfolding right in her very eyes. She was said to have developed cold feet and started shedding tears, and that the singer with a sonorous voice immediately vacated her seat and left the church. She reportedly complained bitterly to a close buddy that the disgrace was too much for her to bear, and she allegedly left the church a sad person on New Year day, when everybody was in a celebration mood.


Sources maintained that the father-daughter relationship between her and the prophet unceremoniously came to an end that day.


Our source said that Pastor Ajanaku warned Tope Alabi on the consequences of her actions on several occasions.


“My Brother, you can’t be close to someone like Pastor Ajanaku and be committing adultery and believe that he would not find out. Tope had been warned to stop sleeping around,” said a source.

Those who should know said that Soji is the number three man Tope Alabi would marry. They said that the beautiful gospel act had a boy for her first husband, who is now 23 years old and that she lost the baby she had for her second husband to death.


“When you bite more than you could chew, you would not be able to eat again. Tope bit more than she could chew. Go and ask her, who prophesied to her 13 years ago that she would have babies for her current husband and that she would be so busy making money as a gospel artiste such that she would not even have time for any other thing,” said a source.


Ajanaku however felt that it was high time she concentrated on her work as a minister of God and leave the things of the world.

A source maintained that Tope Alabi has been sleeping around with prominent men in the society and that this is unexpected of a gospel artiste.


On the allegation that Pastor Ajanaku was making passes at Tope, the source said that this was far from the truth because, according to him, the anointed man of God would never toy with such a sin, especially that she related with Tope like his daughter.


When called on the phone to react to the allegations, Tope’s husband, who always pick her calls, insisted that he and his wife had nothing to say on the matter.


He said: “people have been writing a lot about the matter and we also heard that Prophet Ajanaku has been saying a lot of things on the issue, we are less concerned about that, God is on the throne. The truth will come to the forefront, when the time comes, but for now, we will keep our fingers crossed. I will never be forced to say anything on this issue, God knows what transpired and He would judge, when the time comes.”


Meanwhile Ifemade, who is now the apple of the eyes of the acclaimed prophet, is gradually becoming the toast of events organizers in Lagos. The young gospel act performed at the recently held Global News Awards, which held with fanfare in Ikeja, Lagos.

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