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Rahama Babangida’s Baby Tale



The social media is agog with the story of the arrival of a baby boy to the family of Mohammed Babangida, son of ex president Ibrahim Babangida.

Rahama was said to have been delivered of a baby boy in the united states of America in January bringing the baby haul in the family to five.

We can however tell you authoritatively that Rahama was never pregnant not to talk of delivering any baby.

A close friend of Rahama revealed that a congratulatory post was erroneously taken from the instagram page of Rahama, “It was all a mix-up and we’ve told Rahama to get off the social media if she doesn’t know how to use it and stop embarrassing her family and friends with her posting.

Amina Indimi Fodio

When it was first posted on Jan 28th or thereabout we called her attention to it to effect a correction but out of arrogance and non challance she ignored us.

Rahama Babangida

It was the sister, Amina Indimi Fodio that was delivered of a baby and she merely congratulated her without telling who the baby belongs now everyone is congratulating the Babangida family instead of the indimis’ and fodio.

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