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Power Shift Must Commence With Political Appoinments



The people of Kogi West and Central have been promised power shift by our “benefactors” from Kogi East come 2019; if the present reality in Kogi State is considered, that is the earliest power shift is feasible and realizable. We all witnessed the flagrant display of greed by our elders and extreme low esteem of delegates who sold their souls for lucre to the highest bidder. It will easier for the camel to pass through the needle’s eye than for power shift to happen in the coming election.

The furore generated by the outcome of the primaries have abated and it is now settled that the next election is a two-horse race between Gov. Wada and Prince Audu irrespective of the opinion of those who still believe in miracle that any tangible thing can come out of the aspirations of other candidates from other political parties. However, I have noticed we are all being hoodwinked again with the promise of power shift and we are gullibly accepting this as fait accompli without putting to test the sincerity of those promising it.

Abubakar Audu, Governorship Flag bearer of APC, in Kogi state.

Gov. Wada happily holding his return ticket

Over the years, the callous and criminal skewedness in the allocation cum distribution of political appointments in favor of the Igalas have been trademark of all the administrations in Kogi State since 1999 that have been headed by persons of Igala extraction which has been responsible for the strident clamor for power shift.

By now, one would expect our people to demand for a firm and sincere commitment from those seeking to be governors that henceforth, political appointments shall be justly, equitably and fairly shared among the three senatorial districts devoid of greed. Certain strategic portfolios shall not be the exclusive preserve of a certain ethnic group and a taboo to others. From the commissioners to the advisers and assistants; special and ordinary, to the various boards of ministries, departments and agencies there must be no lopsidedness.

Unfortunately, when the issue of marginalization was raised with Gov. Wada over a year ago, he inaugurated a committee ironically headed by his deputy, Arch. Awoniyi whose report have not seen the light of day ever since.

Our decision to support any candidate must be predicated on the readiness of such candidate to give a sincere and irrevocable commitment to fair, just and equity sharing of all political appointments. Any candidate not ready to do this cannot be trusted or relied on to deliver on any power to shift power come 2019. This is the right point to commence the power shift quest from.