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Popular ‘Owner ‘Of A Nigerian Leading Bank In Hot Romance With Governor ‘s brother’s wife



While attention is being focused on the sexcapade of some perceived and confirmed randy lecturers in the ivory towers there seems to be some kind of what could be described as illicit romance in the corporate world, which appear not to be gaining attention like those of the lecturers.

One of the reported hot romance between the chairman of a leading Nigerian bank and wife of a new governor’s brother. The governor came to power by a popular revolt in a state.

Those who knew much about the relationship insisted that the affairs dated back to the era of an ‘action’ military governor in Lagos State, under whom the woman served as commissioner for finance.

We almost took the story for another “tale by moonlight” until the informants gave us the full ingredients of the “love story.”

But they said the love between the two personalities could be compared to that of “Romeo and Juliet,” as recorded in one of Williams Shakespeare’s classics.

The sources stressed that “the celebrated banker had been dating the woman way back when she was commissioner for Finance in Lagos State under a Military Administrator.”

They pointed out that the banker, who is said to be close to the corridors of power as his bank is one of the top four in Nigeria, had invited the woman to a defunct bank, where he used to be the managing director, from where the relationship took a firm root.

They revealed that the lady had a boy, when she was still single, before she got married to the governor’s brother, and that the man’s family members kicked against the marriage and insisted that he must not marry her, but that “yet the man went ahead and married her and even took over the custody of the child.”

The sources explained that the celebrity banker, being a very smart and proactive fellow, ensured that the woman convinced the Lagos State Government to open accounts with the defunct bank, where he was managing director, as the commissioner for finance.

We were reliably informed that the whole issue was concluded without due process.

“Then money was given to the defunct bank freely, while the banker was doing fantastic transaction with those money.

“That was how their illicit relationship started and the lady, being an easily influenced woman, who couldn’t resist a fine boy, fell for the powerful banker.

“She was also able to start the relationship with the banker because her husband is a very quiet and easy going man who can’t even control his house due to his “mumu” character,” said a source.

The source told us that the lady took advantage of her husband’s meekness, adding that she is “a very smart woman in the society that always had her way through.”

We were also informed that the banker and the woman are still an item and that their love is waxing stronger by the day.

This, we gathered was why the banker appointed the woman as a board member of the leading bank.

The irony of the matter, sources said, was that the family members of the governor are in the know of the woman’s extra marital affair, but that they decided to keep mute and count it as the cross of the hubby, but with a caveat “their sin would soon find them out.”

One of the fallout of the reported romance between the banker and the lady is the revelation that you could hardly see the woman in the family events of her husband except it was mandatory, “while she gallivants with the banker all the time.”

Our sources maintained that with the way the love story is going, ‘there is fire on the mountain,” adding that the duo had been warned to thread softly.

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