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Why People of Imo Want Felix Idiga To Run For Federal House of Representatives



The people of Orlu/Orsu/Orsu East Federal Constituency are politically alive and they are keen about what happens around them and in the country as a whole.

They know what they want and what is good for them at any time, especially when it comes to choosing, who will represent them in political offices including the Federal House of Representatives.

The growing resentment and determination to start afresh that pervaded Orlu/Orsu/Oru -East has led the people to one man, who they all believe loves the people of the area from the bottom of his heart in person of Chief Felix Idiga, who was a senatorial candidate in 2015.

To them, Chief Felix Idiga, popularly known as (Jafac), has been consistent and he has proven to be someone that can be trusted with a political office and who would not disappoint his people, when they need his services.

Residents of the area, who spoke about Chief Idiga, maintained that he has affected many lives even outside public office and that he would surely deliver, when he gets to power as he has reportedly shown the stuff he is made of.

They stated that the phenomenal appearance of Chief Felix Idiga in the political firmament of Imo State has remained a topic of public discourse.

“It is not debatable that Chief Felix Idiga was by the judgment of the people, a sudden light that appeared at the terminal point of Imo political tunnel and had shown up at a time when darkness was at its thickest.

“At a time when the Orlu /Orsu /Oru-East political space was being totally yielded to thugs and opportunists who in saner climes would at best been hewers of wood and fetchers of waters.

“At a time the people’s narrative at federal level will become bestseller – for all the wrong reasons in the world.

“At a time vice had become virtue and vice versa and at a time vainglory was allowed to walk tallest in the Land.

“There is no doubt that the coming of Chief Felix Idiga in 2019 to represent the constituency will restore the dignity of people who had started wondering at what point their constituency was lowered into the cesspit of mediocre leadership,” they said.

The people of the federal constituency expressed their determination to remain eternally grateful to Chief Felix Idiga for setting up Jafac Foundation and picking up the gauntlet in the face of group/elite cowardice to re-validate their individual and collective humanity, antithesis of the rotten order he challenged in 2015.

They said they were proud of an iconic figure like Chief Felix Idiga “whose background, integrity, rare brilliance, sterling accomplishment as a captain of industry and expansive goodwill rise to diminish comic characters in charge of Orlu /Orsu /Oru-East affairs since 2009 when he single handedly brought Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC) projects to the areas at large.”

They insisted that it was even more heartening that his joining the political fray among other things canceled out Imo’s deepening moral and reputational insolvency.

“This explains why it would appear that for many Imo people, 2015 was a good year to the extent that although Senator Hope Uzodimma continued in office, Chief Felix Idiga reigns indisputably.

“What is more, 2019 is within earshot and millions of the people cannot wait for a man that is dedicated to carry them along.

“The occasion of Chief Felix Idiga to run for the office of Imo Federal House of Representatives, representing Orlu /Orsu /Oru – East constituency is an opportunity to support this great Imo light whose footprints have transcended national and continental boundaries. “Please let us all support the highly worthy candidate,” they said.

The people of the area added that they prefer Chief Sir Felix Chidi Idiga because he is an erudite scholar, an international business man, a great manager of men and resources, and a politician with a distinction.

They revealed that Odiga would serve the interest of the people of the area having successfully managed several business enterprises that are doing well today.

They stated that he is the President of Jafac Group of companies.

A company compromising of Swat Link International, Jafac Investment Limited, amongst other gigantic branches off Jafac Group. Cofounder, Jafac Foundation, Imo State.

With all these, the people of the constituency insisted that they want Chief Felix Idiga as their representative in the Federal House of Representatives from 2019.

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