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Oritsefemi’s Wife Hospitalised After Musician Beats Her! How Caroline Danjuma Exposed Him



Afro pop crooner, Oritsefemi and his wife, Nabila Fash’s marriage is almost hitting the rock.

Unconfirmed reports had it that Oritsefemi’s wife, Nabila Fash moved out of their matrimonial home and put up with her friend, Nollywood actress Caroline Danjuma.

Then, an angry Oritsefemi took to social media to call out Caroline with a funny video.

Caroline was in the Comment Section to respond:

On a normal day I would have ignored you but you need to explain to the same social media how I am evil . Femi you beat up your wife , tore her leg , your daughter had to call the neighbor to save her , she was rushed to the hospital , I paid the hospital bill , you never came to visit her . Yet I begged her to come back to you after two weeks of running away from you out of fear , she came back , one week later you got intoxicated with alcohol , got admitted in the hospital and attempted to beat up your wife in the hospital . A woman that was just healing from trauma of your abuse , you still wanted to beat her again ? . Femi I am evil because I gave her my home to recuperate? . If you gave your wife a safe place will she be out of her home . Don’t push my buttons . Just because you came from the ghetto does not mean you should act like one . Grow up already . You have two daughters and a wife to lead . Apparently, I learnt you are of the habit of beating her . I don’t interfere in husband and wife issues but if your wife runs for help because you keep beating her , be rest assured we will challenge you . keep your fist for men like yourself . Yes I am divorced but my friends can always count on me to be there for them . Concerning your cheap threat I am waiting for you . Joker.”

Not done, Caroline posted on her handle:

Recall that the  carnival-like wedding between Oritsefemi and his wife, Nabila Fash took place in Lagos on November 25, 2017. 

Though the marriage had been off the lips of many for sometimes, it wasn’t a surprise that it sailed troubled waters recently, what with wife battering and infidelity allegations hanging on the musician’s neck.

Surprisingly, a repentant Oritsefemi has tendered a public apology to his wife, Nabila.

He wrote on Instagram:

“Forgive me my love ? I miss you daily boo .. I truly miss everything about you , make una help me beg her please.. I need to enter street for this #endsars Na me really fit this sars people,Na them father I be … person gats fist him home before him focus outside.. I beg my people make una beg her for me… am deeply sorry nabila … I love ?? you from the bottom of my heart ?”