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Open letter to MC Olu omo



MC Oluomo,
This is an open letter to you and it’s coming in good faith.

I might be wrong, but I’m convinced that the only reason you seem to always want to communicate in the English language, even though you struggle doing so, is probably because you boast an Incurable inferiority complex.

Yes, Nigeria’s lingua franca, is the English language, but I’m also yet to see any extant law that prohibits you from communicating in your local dialect or compels the English language in all situations, if going your local route eases communication for you.

There are presidents of many non-English speaking countries, who address global audiences in their local languages and only concede the trouble of understanding to accredited translators.

What’s wrong with speaking smoothly in your beautiful and enviable Yoruba language and effectively communicating with your audiences?

The Lagos Assembly, some years ago, had even enacted a law that enables the lawmakers to conduct plenary in the Yoruba language on certain days. You should find solace in that.

So, what really is the colour of your problem? I have seen too many embarrassing video clips of your poorly conducted interviews, just because you chose to speak in a language you do not comprehend at all.

In a worst case scenario, get interpreters or translators as the case may be, to always help you get the message across whenever you’re communicating with your audiences in the Yoruba language, especially, if you’re keen about the message reaching as many people as possible.

For a man, who has raised very good kids, who are also doing very well in different fields of human endeavours, and subsequently doing the country proud around the world, the last thing you want to do is pander to “what the people think” and railroad yourself into such constant public mortification.

Enough of the embarrassments, please. Your handlers are evidently incompetent and doing very terrible job tending you, that’s if you have any. Enough, please!

Let’s just say this is your birthday gift from me?

Olawale olaleye

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