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An Open Letter To The Nigerian Youth by Oparinde Timileyin



Have you ever wondered why so many Nigerian youth claim to be a victim of the system?

The problem with the youth of this generation is that, many of them have learned to function in their dysfunction, they are so comfortable in their comfort zone.

Many of them rely so much on the system, forgetting that some people were thriving even before the system came into existence.

They do not want to take responsibilities for themselves, youth of this generation wants to be spoon fed without any zeal of being self reliant.

Youth of this generation no longer have a dream, that’s why we have been unable to influence the world around us. I don’t blame a country where the president views the youth as being lazy.

This should serve as a wake up call to the Nigerian youth, don’t wait for the system to give you a means of livelihood.

Quit asking questions like “What has the government done?”, start asking ” what can i do for my country”.

Everything you need to succeed is within, search yourself and see various ways you can be useful to the environment around you.

You can’t change the world as an individual, but you can seek various ways to change the world of one person.

Never fall victim of the system, rather be someone who rescues this corrupt, malfunctioning system.

Never assume the sky is your limit because there are foot prints on the moon.

Move out of your comfort zone and make yourself useful.


Oparinde Timileyin is a graduate of Ajayi Crowther University, Department of Communication and Media studies.
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