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ONEm is launching mCoin, the first Digital Currency accessible without the Internet



ONEm, based in London, is launching mCoin, a unique digital currency, in collaboration with top cryptocurrency technologists.

Differing from all other digital currencies, mCoin is an inclusive technology that will allow for the first time billions of people and 100’s of millions of businesses that don’t have access to the internet a way to use any ordinary mobile to mine, trade and use a digital currency for their social and commercial purposes.

ONEm is adopting mCoin as the standard for its “SWEB” service that provides advanced mobile communications and services geared for small businesses and consumers to engage with each other even when they don’t have access to the internet.

The big benefit of the mCoin digital currency on non-internet enabled mobiles is that it provides absolute protection against theft from internet based mobile hackers.

Billions of people who have been left out of this digital revolution will be able to mine, trade and use a digital currency for the very first time.

“We will launch mCoin before April 2018 and due to a multiplicity of uses beyond the domain of the internet through the SWEB for Business Service platform, the value of  mCoin can go viral to the benefit of SWEB users, miners and traders.”  said Christopher Richardson, ONEm’s Co-founder and CEO.

Investors, miners and traders can register at to receive advance notification of the mCoin Launch.

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