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Nigeria Vs America: The Double Standards On Terrorism Of Social Media



There was not even a road block.

It was just one day.

They didn’t break any prison.

They didn’t attack any police station.

No election commission office was burnt.

No Governor’s home was attacked.

They didn’t kill any visiting politician.

No onions trailer was looted.

They only protested at the Capitol Hill but in hours, the protest was crushed.

CNN immediately called on govt to take drastic action to safe their country. Lol.

Facebook blocked Trump. They said his posts were instigating protesters. Lol.

Twitter did same. Lol.

Their Press called the protesters Hoodlums. Lol

Hilary called them Domestic Terrorists. Lol

But in Nigeria, criminals must not even be warned. Lol.

Some Nigerians complained that the President didn’t speak about the killings of prison officials, policemen, soldiers, politicians etc.

The President replied that criminals will be dealt with in the language they understand and all hell was let loose.

The President ought to have said criminals will continue to be watched and applauded.

He is a ‘Dictator’ because he issued warnings to terrorists.

But did they not destroy Libya by first killing Gadaffi?

Did they not first give him a bad name before they hanged him?

Yes, Obama apologized later but till date, Libya remains a jungle.

Their local insurgents have spread even to Cameroon.

What about Saddam Hussein?

Did CNN not tell you that 21 people were killed at Lekki only to turn around and say there’s just one UNCONFIRMED case?

But their initial lie already added fuel to the inferno.

BBC that was there live reported no death but CNN that wasn’t there saw 21-21 they later denied in one of their numerous reports which made patriotic Nigerians flood their African page.

I followed everything.

Was Twitter not used by DJ Switch to spread the lie that Eniola Badmus was killed?


Did she and others not use Twitter to claim that the innocent dramatist wrapped in Nigerian flag was shot at Lekki?

Have you seen Jack take any action against them for succeeding in setting parts of Nigeria on fire?

The same Jack that didn’t want his America to be destabilized.

In their country, National Security comes before the Democracy they are imposing on the rest of the world.

That’s their official stand and no one can challenge it but in some other countries especially Arabs and Africans, a President has trampled on Democracy if he warns insurgents.


Now, listen, it is the primary duty of government to protect lives and properties and we demand that from our President and that includes dealing with terrorists in any part of the country in the language they understand.

Mark, you can now go ahead and block this account.

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