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Nigeria Meets Uganda, As Bishop Adebayo Babalola’s son marries heartthrob in society styled Lagos wedding



Love never hides! When a young man is truly in love, you will know!! Samuel Oluwasegun Babalola last Saturday, wore his heart on his sleeves for his equally young lovely bride Sylvia Anjolaoluwa.

It was that love that made him arrive early to tie the nuptial knot with his heart throb at the Lafiaji, Obalende located Flaming Sword Ministries aka Chapel of the Overtakers in Lagos Island.

Handsomely dressed, his sparkling white and black colour combination stood him out and got him admiration from all the guests at his wedding.

He waited patiently with his friends, the groomsmen, in their stylish suits, for his bride to arrive the serene white painted and decorated auditorium of the church.

 And when Sylvia arrived, she in her glittering wedding gown and her array of bridesmaids, all daintily dressed in pink satin dress, of different styles, all the way from Uganda, they came with joy and infectious smiles that set the pace for the ceremony of the day, and the joy of celebration that was witnessed throughout the day.

But why Uganda?
Oh, that’s where Samuel Oluwasegun Babalola’s bride hail from. They had met outside Nigeria, during his sojourn abroad. And guess what, they were so into each other that Sylvia introduced him to all the beautiful things of Uganda. Now Samuel Oluwasegun Babalola eats most of the delicious dishes that Uganda has to offer and now he knows all by their names!

With so many top Ministers of God inside the church for the occasion, the blessings of the day flowed unto the couple from all directions as one Minister after the other gave their prayers and blessings.

Love confessed, rings exchanged, Mr and Mrs. Samuel Oluwasegun Babalola emerged as the newest couple in town!

It was a day for songs of praise and dances. And the dance for the new couple, started right there in the church where the groom’s father, is the presiding Bishop.

When the church ceremony was over, the sanctified new couple, led their guests in a long convoy, to the glittering, well decorated hall of The Coliseum, an upscale popular event centre in Lekki.

The wedding reception, just like the church ceremony, everything was orderly. And because of the covid-19 restrictions, the number of guests that attended, was equally restricted. But that didn’t reduce the happiness nor the beauty of the celebration.

It was a day for dance and the gorgeously dressed guests were not in a hurry to go, they waited to see who danced most as the Nigerian culture and the Ugandan culture blended easily at the wedding reception.

The families, the parent’s dance was glamorously colourful. The dance steps was pleasant for many to see. Who danced more than the other? Bishop Adebayo Babalola or the wife? Who won during the dance session between the two families? The Asio family from Uganda or the Babalola family from Nigeria?

Anyway, the young couple with their fine dance steps, leveled it all, everybody was a winner!

And the Master of Ceremony asked the couple, who made the first move? The young couple agreed they both made the move the same time!

That indeed was love at first sight!

As wining and dining continued into the evening, best wishes for the couple continued to pour in.

The wedding which had all the trappings of a high society wedding, was attended by the creme de la creme of society and church folks, top military and security officials and leaders in different spheres of human endeavour.

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