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Newborn baby daughter of heavy metal singer flashes Rock ‘n’ Roll sign at just 10 days old



Most parents rock their children to sleep with a soothing lullaby.

But Nao Hazuki is not most parents.

Mr Hazuki, who fronts the Japanese heavy-metal band Grollschwert, posted a photo of his baby girl flipping the hand-horns in the crib – proving the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

Rock ‘n’ Roll baby: A Japanese heavy-metal vocalist has shared a photo of his baby girl throwing up the hand-horns

The photo, which Mr Hazuki first posted on Twitter in September last year just 10 days after welcoming his daughter into the world, has gone viral again this week.

The image was posted on the Facebook page Trending in China last night, and has already had more than 1,200 likes and nearly 300 shares.

Dubbed ‘Rock ‘n’ Roll Baby, commenters shared their thoughts on the tiny bub, with one suggesting she must have been ‘listening to heavy metal in the womb’.

Deathrash dad: A real rock ‘n’ roller, Mr Hazuki’s Twitter is full of pictures of him flipping hand-horns

Mr Hazuki’s band, Grollschwert, is described as ‘melodic deathrash metal’.

Heralding from Osaka, the six-member band has released an EP and a compilation album – The Red Hot Burning Hell Vol 26.

The rocker’s Twitter page is full of photos of himself and friends making the iconic hand symbol.

Growing up: The Rock ‘n’ Roll Baby might have a heavy-metal taste in music, but she still loves to wear pink

The hand-horns phenomenon was introduced to heavy-metal by Black Sabbath vocalist Ronnie James Dio.

The rocker, who passed away in 2010, said his Italian grandmother had used the symbol to ward off the evil eye.

Dio replaced legendary rocker Ozzy Osbourne in the band, who was known for using the peace symbol.

Rocker tradition: Black Sabbath vocalist Ronnie James Dio introduced the horn-hand symbol to heavy metal

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