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My Birthday Adventure



We usually have visions of our plans in our head.  Yesterday was my birthday, yes four more years to the big one, and I had this beautiful plan of the day going on in my head.   First get the girls to school.  Take my boy to make payment for the football team and drop him off at the Practice park, where I intended to park my car and do a 10K walk.  Get back in time to take him home.  Pick the girls after school.  Have a family time together; we had already chosen movies for the day.  That was my ultimate birthday plan.

It all started well and was going according to plan.  The crew woke me with hugs and the day went on full stream.  I dropped them off and went to the next point.  It was here that the hiccup started.  After making payments, my car refused to start.  I checked and, within my knowledge about cars, I couldn’t find what was wrong.  I wanted to call the Roadside-Assistance number, when I realized that, since I intended going for a walk, my purse was back at home and so I couldn’t access my membership card.  Time was running out and I didn’t want my son to be late for practice.  I called a friend who was, luckily, off-work that day.  She picked him and volunteered to take me home for my card.  At this point, I was getting very upset but was determined not to let anything spoil my plan.  I calmly told her that I appreciated her offer; however, all I wanted was for my son to get to practice on time.  My response to her inquiry on how intended to get my card was, “I will walk back home, pick my card, do my planned 10K, walk back here, and then call the Roadside-Assistance to deal with my car”.  She looked at me as if I was crazy, shook her head and drove off.

I locked the car up and set out on the long walk to my house.  I got there in thirty-five minutes, picked the card and started my 10K.  I finished in just under two-hours.  It was a beautiful day so I had a great walk.  The weather was just right and I did not really need my walking hat but kept it right on my head.  Walking is always a reflecting period for me.  A time to commune with the Almighty and yesterday’s was highly successful.  As I progressed, I visualized how long I would wait for the assistance and what could be wrong with my car.  I got the urge to pray specifically about the car and I did.  I know, I always pray about silly thing right?  Well, that is just me and my level of faith.  My prayer was that I didn’t want my day to be stressful.  I just wanted to get there, kick my car and go; more so, because my budget could not accommodate any car repairs at this time.   After my prayers, I freed my mind and enjoyed my walk.

I got back to the car, tried it, and surprise, it started!!!!  My day went upstream from that point.  We had a fun family time.  I had almost three hundred Facebook wishes and it was almost overwhelming!!! My friends were curious as to my reason for doing a 10K on my birthday.  Well, my response was that, I intended doing what pleased me most on my birthday; walking and spending time with the crew were my prized gifts to me.  Life is too short to waste on irrelevant activities.  We all have different pleasures and at this point in my life, the crew and healthy living are my passion, after my relationship with my God.  So that was how my day went.    The crew gave me a fantastic gift.  They gave me three “Fast Feet”.  I have placed the picture here for you to see.  They are plastic feet to symbolize the fact that you are running or walking as you should.  I simply love them and will cherish them all my life.  .



The girls also wrote me a letter.  Of, course, my son is now too “old” for such “mushy” stuff.  Big boys don’t write letters or do they?  Hmm….  I am sharing the letter with you:

We love you with all of our hearts

 and we wish you the best

on your very special day. 

We have you know that love you so much,

and many more years to come.

What more could I ask for.  Life is beautiful. And little pleasures make the world go round and round.


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