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Mother Forgets Baby In Taxi



A taxi driver in UK was stunned to discover that a mother had left behind her baby in the back of his cab.
Driver Ertan Rasit, 44 (pictured), according to Daily Mail said that he only realised the child had been left behind on the back seat when his next customer got in his car and discovered the one-year-old girl.
He had picked up the mother – who was laden with shopping and carrying the child in a sling – from Covent Garden, London, on Monday.

He said he then drove to Shoreditch, east London, and dropped her off.
Mr Rasit said it was a full 15 minutes until he was flagged down again. He said: ‘When he opened the door he said, “You know youv’e a baby in the back?”.
Thankfully, Mr Rasit said the little girl was ‘happy as Larry’, the Sun reports.
The cab driver said he immediately drove back to Shoreditch where the hysterical woman was surrounded by police and around 30 onlookers.
He said: ‘I got out with her baby and the crowd started cheering and clapping.

‘It was like a movie scene.’

He added: ‘People leave laptops, but never anything like this!’
He told ITV’s Loose Women – set to be aired tomorrow – that he had been driving through Bishopsgate up towards Threadneedle junction when his next fare flagged him down.
He said: ‘The doors are electric, and the bloke gets in and says “there’s a little kid on the back of the seat”.

‘I was shocked, absolutely shocked. Normally kids would be crying for their mother, but she was just enjoying the ride.
‘She was stood on the back of the seat with her hands up, looking out the back of the window, enjoying the view.
‘When I got back to Curtain Road there was police everywhere, there was an audience, she was screaming ‘my child, my child’.
‘When I came out, I was holding her, she was smiling – happy as Larry.
‘Then all of a sudden there was a big round of applause, I was like a hero cab driver. It was a good feeling.’

A woman who was first on the scene said she saw the mother, who appeared to have a sore knee, unloading her shopping out of the taxi in Curtain Road.
She said that she had been struggling with her bags when the cab drove off – apparently unaware she had asked him to wait.

She said: ‘I was walking up Curtain Road, and I saw her taking her bags out of the taxi. She turned around to put another bag on pavement and the cab drove off.

‘Next thing she was shouting and screaming – but just couldn’t run after the car because of her knee.
‘I ran down Curtain Road trying to catch him – but by then there was no way of stopping him.
‘She said she told him to wait but he didn’t hear her and drove off.
‘She was completely in shock, she couldn’t even speak, she was trying to get her phone out but couldn’t work it.

It took several minutes for me to work out where the cab was from.

‘I called the police and about twenty minutes later, the cab driver came back.
‘He had got all the way to Bishopsgate Street before his next customer told him the baby was in the back.
‘She had been held in her mother’s arms, and was just on the back seat. ‘If he had braked or anything… it was just really lucky.’
‘The taxi driver just hadn’t heard her- he was in much of a panic as she was.’

A Metropolitan Police spokesman said there was no criminal investigation into the incident.

Sources: Daily Mail

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