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More drama as Glo celebrates 4G strength with new TVC



More entertaining drama involving Nollywood stars came to the fore as grandmasters of data, Globacom, unveiled its new television commercial (TVC) to celebrate the strength of its 4G service.

The company has become known for using the pair of Nollywood veterans, Mama G (Patience Ozokwo) and Sola Sobowale, in humorous battles in adverts to dramatise the superiority of its data. In the new commercial, the actresses are featured alongside their respective daughters, Uche and Liz, as well as comedian, Brodashaggi.

As the TVC opens, Brodashaggi (Wasiu) who was Sobowale’s former driver is seen relaxing with a bottle of champagne and making a video call with Uche, Mama G’s daughter.

Not wanting to offend Sobowale, he requests to speak with her daughter (Liz) through Uche.  As Uche is taking the phone to Liz, Sobowale snatches the phone and exclaims “Eh, eh, Wasiu, video call? Oga gan o!”, as  she expressed her shock that Wasiu has upsacled to the point of making video calls.

Baffled, Brodashaggi spills his champagne on sighting Liz’s mother, but summons up confidence and declares: “Mummy, mummy! With Glo 4G, I can now upload my cars online, sell and make plenty, plenty profit. That’s what they call me now, the new mega online car dealer!”.

After the exchange of pleasantries, Sobowale asks, “why you wan see me?” and a tentative Brodashaaggi blurts: “your daughter; I want to marry her!”. 

Not finding this funny, Sobowale screams and questions the sanity of Brodashaggi before her spleen and flogging the phone being used for the video call. Okunnu (Wale Akorede) who plays  the role of the girl’s father also asks whether “they are frying dodo” on his head, pondering if Brodashaggi is in his right senses?”

The TVC is another resourceful advert by Glo to communicate the value and superiority of its Glo 4G in a most entertaining manner. The commercial is full of humour, drama, and audacity of the now successful Brodashaggi who tries to overreach himself by proposing to his Madam’s daughter. Brodashaggi feels the wrath and falls off his seat. . The commercial signs off with Glo stressing that data is oxygen. It also shows the various prices on the 4G tariff plan, including N100 for 180MB, N1000 for 3.6GB and N2,500 for 12.9GB.

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