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A member of MLK family on a visit to Nigeria says allegation of 3.5 m dollars paid to the Delegation by FGN embarrassing to the family



Farris  Isaac Newton, former C.E.O/ President MLK centre for 5 years and senior fellow at MLK centre has adressed the allegations of 3.5 million dollars being paid to the delegation by the Federal government of Nigeria. His statement reads;
“I am here in Nigeria having enjoyed my stay. it’s my first time hopefully not the last, I’m a member of the MLK family here in Nigeria. Anyone who has said  that anybody paid us to come here is insulting me and my family. I am a nephew of MLK.
It is a fake news, lies, slander, is a lie on my good character. Anything that I have done here in Nigeria or said about the President is  coming from my head devoid of any compensation other inducement or exchange for anything and I stand by it. we don’t deal like that, the MLK family includes three families MLK junior who is the second son,  my mother and my uncle.
None of us through out the three branches are buy-able,  we don’t do things for money, we do things on principle,  it is insulting, anyone in Nigeria should be ashamed, it’s embarrassing, it’s a slander on our good name, we are here in Nigeria to established new bond between Americans and Africa. Please let us not let this be the story let not make this beautiful story something bad.”
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