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LOVE AND TRUST: How Far Is Too Far……



The word TRUST has been defined as “Reliance on integrity, strength, ability and surely of a person or theory. It is having confidence or expectation of something.

TRUST means you are very sure a thing or person can never let you down. Truest can exist between couples, friends, colleagues, business partners etc. the list of people who need trust amongst one another is endless. It seems without this TRUST no one can do or achieve anything. A man needs to TRUST a woman before he can put that ‘rock’ on her Finger, a woman needs to trust a man before she can say ‘ I do’, an investor has to trust a business man before he can make that money transfer.

TRUST …. TRUST ….TRUST…. by the virtue of my profession as a beautician and event manager, I have seen, learnt and watched different scenarios of this word TRUST and I have realized that, no matter who you are and what you do, you cannot live without having a bit of TRUST in someone, someday, for something. As a career woman, you leave your children in the hands of a ‘stranger’ called maid or Nanny, trusting they will be okay. Somehow, this also is a form of TRUST.

Absenting different relationships, I realized that the more you trust someone, the more you get attracted to the person in one way or the other. When you begin to trust in someone, a brand, or a thing, you become loyal, you become an ambassador, you become a friend of that person or brand, and you have a sense of peace when with that person or brand. All these aforementioned are elements of “LOVE” hence one may conclude that, the more you likely to love that person or that thing.

As regards human relationships one should ask two major questions at some point (1) how far is too far when it comes to (2)who should I trust my opinion:-

1. Trust and love: how far is too far? While enjoying the good days and the sweet dividends of trust and love. Always remember not to overdo things. Prepare for the unexpected, do not loose your head when the other party is fulfilling his/her “trust” attract, always remember that we are all human and bound to misbehave sometimes. Whatever you do or say, or wherever you go in confidence with your trust partner, be sure you will not be negatively affected, should the other party decide to be human and leaks your secrets, thereby betraying your trust. Do not loose your head while trusting your beloved partner.

2. WHO SHOULD I TRUST? -if someone has the following characters, they are not to be trusted.

(i) Talks too much: anyone that talks too much cannot be trusted as they usually have issues with keeping secrets.

(ii) Talks to anybody: not all information is for everyone. Any confidant that cannot identify the night person to discuss an issue with is not to be trusted.

(iii) Talks about other to you: if anyone has ever come to you to gossip about someone before, be sure not to trust that person, as he/she will definitely talk about you too in your absence.

(iv) Regards money over integrity: Anyone that will elevate money over everything, e.g. friendship, promise etc. should NEVER be trusted.

So, before you go ahead trusting that friend, man, woman business partners, etc be sure your trust and love is with the while, and it will not lead into pair

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