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LAWMA clamps down on cart pushers



LAGOS Waste Management Authority (LAWMA) has clamped down on cart pushing to return sanity to the affected areas.

In a statement, the Authority said it had stepped up efforts to make Lagos cleaner and livable, by introducing novel waste management programmes, as well as supporting Private Sector Participation (PSP) operators to discharge their primary duties effectively.

The Authority, however, pointed out that the efforts to protect the environment were being hampered by cart pushers who engaged in indiscriminate waste disposal in such places as canals, road medians, and undeveloped properties.

“The menace of cart pushing in some parts of the state has led to the rise of indiscriminate waste disposal and exposure of residents to myriads of health hazards, especially during this period that the Lagos State Government is tackling the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We cannot fold our hands and watch few unscrupulous elements jeopardise efforts of the state to make the Lagos metropolis cleaner, healthier and livable for all. To this effect, all forms of cart pushing remains banned and anyone caught contravening the Environmental Laws of the State will face the full wrath of the law,” the statement read.

Similarly, the Authority appealed to residents to imbibe the culture of bagging their wastes and giving them to their assigned PSP operators instead of patronising cart pushers or dumping them on the roads and other unauthorised locations.

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