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Lagos Socialite, Demola Eletu-Odibo Sends Wife Packing Over Affair With Bimbo Kasham



Lagos social circle is currently awash with a story that has got many tongues wagging. The tale is about a Lagos big boy, Prince Ademola Eletu-Odibo, who is said to be nursing an ambition to be the next king of Itele, a rural kingdom that borders Lagos and Ogun states.

The allegation against Demola is centred around his romance with Bimbo Folawiyo (nee Kasham), the estranged wife of popular big boy, Yomi Folawiyo.

Sources revealed that Demola sent his wife and mother of two children, Labisi packing and that the woman is currently in the United States of America with her children.

First Weekly Magazine was reliably informed that Demola sent his wife packing because of his romance with Bimbo and that this has come to their friends and family members as a big surprise.

This allegation was however denied by some sources close to Demola, who insisted that the woman actually relocated to the United States of America and that this had nothing to do with his romance with Bimbo. According to these sources, Labisi decided to pack up the marriage when she could no longer bear being battered by the man, who had virtually nothing when she got married to him.

Bimbo Kashamu

One other detail about the alleged romance between Demola and Bimbo was that they started going out together, while the latter was still under the roof of Yomi Folawiyo, her former husband.

“Demola and Bimbo became an item some time ago and we can tell you authoritatively that they are deep in the relationship. “Their romance even started before Bimbo left Yomi and Demola had no choice but to send his wife of many years and mother of his two children away all because of his romance with Bimbo,” said a source.

We however gathered that the ambition of Demola, a Lagos native, to be the oba of Itele, a tiny village in Sango-Ota, Ogun State, might be borne out of his desperation to earn respect, as he is reported to have a deep-seated complex issues.

His quest for power is also being alluded as being a factor. However, we were informed that Demola’s race to the throne is hot at the moment. His lover, Bimbo Kasham is also said to be warming up to become his only Olori after his coronation.

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