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Lagos Hotel Owner Killers Confess



Killers of the owner of Etashol Hotels and Suites, Ojodu, Lagos State; Mrs. Olusola Olusoga, 56-years old and the hotel Manager, Tunji Omikunle, 39-years have been arrested.

Suspect, Ehizojie Vincent Jeffery

Edgal Imohimi, Commissioner, Lagos State Police Command revealed that;

“Those arrested so far are Ehizojie Vincent Jeffery, Henry Lolo, Okechi Light Ezi and two contract staff, who were identified by their aliases: Dubai and Dangote. The suspects therefore agreed that the hotelier must be robbed of her hard earned local and foreign currency being a London returnee.”

“In order to have a hitch-free operation, they agreed that Henry, who is currently at large, must prepare a fast food called ‘Indomie’, a delicacy loved by all staff members, and laced it with a sleep inducing stimulant called SK to be served the rest of the staff who were not part of the conspiracy.”

“Their plan worked as they successfully sent their co-workers rest to early sleep except the late manager who was already asleep before he could be served with the poisoned meal.”

“However, their attempt to steal the key to the late CEO’s bedroom from the late manager’s pocket proved abortive as he woke in the process and began to struggle with them at the reception area. In the ensuing scuffle, the manager was strangled to death.”

“When they had done away with the Manager, the suspects then went to their boss’s room. The suspects met an obviously shocked woman in the room and bound her hand and leg. By the time they were through, the woman died.”

“The gang stole the CEO’s money, N50,000, jewelries and other personal effects, but couldn’t take it out of the hotel for fear of being challenged by a police team stationed close to the hotel. So they abandoned the loot in the hotel, which has been recovered as exhibit by homicide detectives investigating the case.”

“Investigation has established a prima facie case of conspiracy and murder against the suspects, Jeffery and others still at large for the murder of the deceased persons, one Olusoga and Omikunle.”

“The Closed-Circuit television footage available to the Police clearly showed the role played by each of the participants in the crime. The suspects so far arrested would be charged to court for murder while efforts are in top gear to arrest other suspects still at large.”

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