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Lady Celebrates Arrest Of Scammer Who Defrauded Her Friend Of N20Million



A tech entrepreneur is currently cooling his heels at the Special Fraud Unit in Ikoyi area of Lagos after his arrest. The suspect identified as Charles Okoronkwo was arrested for allegedly defrauding a partner of N20 million naira.

According to Euphemia Udanoh, a human rights activist and blogger who shared the news, Charles Okoronkwo went in into hiding after the scam and changed all his contacts in order not to get caught. He was arrested after weeks of manhunt.

Below is what Euphemia Udanoh shared online.

Charles Okoronkwo I want to ask how SFU (Special Fraud Unit) Ikoyi, is treating you You threw friendship, conscience and common sense to the wind and defrauded your good friend and partner of over N20m, strangulating his business and you think God will protect you from punishment?

You went into hiding, changed your phone numbers and phone, forgetting that there’s a technology made for catching international thieves like you.

I swore with my blood the day I heard of what you did to our friend that I will get you and I am proud of myself that at exactly 2 months, my contact caught your criminal self from your hiding place.

You are a disgrace to humanity and I so pity for your beautiful children.

Only God knows how many people you have duped using your phantom company, Bricks & Wheels

Let me enter SFU and laugh at you sef

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