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Kano assembly: Ex-house leader impeachment, reasons still shrouds in secrecy.



By Adamu Aminu.

February, 5th 2020, is a day Kano state house of assembly under the exalted leadership of Rt. Hon. Abdulazeez Garba Gafasa heavily-laden with memorable history of outpacing their counterparts nationwide by setting a record of impeachment of its erstwhile majority leader, without made mentions of any reason for taking such unanimous decision.

Even at that day, the daring lawmaker, who took the bull by the horn and raised the motion to the plenary session, doesn’t enumerated in anyway, the justifications which clearly stated that, Hon. Madari was found wanting of violating house rules, which reduced him unfit to continue holding the third most prestigious chair in Kano legislative chamber.

Even during the post-plenary press briefing held at that very day, had not yielded fruitful basis, which failed to convince the hard-inquisitive pressmen, from knowing the precise motives of unseating the former house majority leader.

But, the repeated response at that time was nothing less than ” the issue of an internal matter, which need not be disclosed to the outsiders”

The stance which seems to be far from norms of legislative undertaking, as far as democratic dispensation is entirely concern, which gives them the mandate of serving collective people’s interest wholeheartedly.

Unequivocally, Kano people in this regard has the statutory right and leverage to know, what had gone wrong which prompted the whole House to endorse the removal, without publicly quoting the justification of doing so.

As the proverb goes saying ‘there would never be smoke without fire’.

Some questions which led to this legislative fiasco by commission or omission need to ask, in order to clear the iota of doubt from the discerning minds of Kano populace, as follows;

  1. Why had it been this issue of impeachment, is an internal matter, wasn’t solved amicably, going to the point of outright removal of the former majority leader?
  2. Why did the house leadership keep mute to disclosed the series of flaws which the former house leader, had been accused?
  3. In spite of his insistence of doing nothing wrong, why the house leadership wouldn’t point-blank and publicly disclosed his official deformities to justify their decision?
  4. Why were the motives of ex- majority leader removal still shrouded in secrecy?
  5. Is there any fear of implications, posing to envelope the whole House, if the accusations come to public knowledge?

Anyway, as politics is being regarded by many as a perfidious business and permanent interest was for long, a topmost in the scale of preferences to most politicians, nor the impeachment coalition neither the former house leader, Hon. Abdul Madari should be scapegoated or prove their innocence in this twisted tussle.

Candidly speaking, both parties, accused and accusers are all voted by the people, discharging their legislative duties under the defined jurisdictions with a view to serve the collective interest of the people and the state at large.

Therefore, it is urgently needful for the leadership of Kano state House of Assembly to disclose the truth of the matter, to clear questioning minds of what led to the recent impeachment and why the whole house keeps silence on the impending issue.

At last, if the House leadership vow to leave the issue, sweep under the carpet, Kano populace would continue seeing and branding them as “Birds of the same feather, which flock together”.

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