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Imposition galore in Kogi State APC; the Desecration of Democracy



Recent events in the Kogi political space have revealed a heart wrenching spectacle of impunity and highhandedness in the countdown to the 2023 general elections.
Despite the provisions of the 2022 electoral act (as amended) and the persistent reminder by INEC, certain individuals are determined with their conduct to lead APC in Kogi State to unparalleled trouncing in the upcoming polls.
For a Governor who came into office via a process that gave all aspirants a level playing field to adopt imposition as a policy of choice is not only unfortunate but annoying.
The elections we have had since 2016 is a showpiece of what democracy should not be. And it has gotten so bad now that, a few individuals will converge in a room and start compiling a nauseous list of the party’s candidates for various elective positions instead of enabling a level playing field via a free, fair and credible primaries.
Vital decisions concerning the aspirations of many are now being made either in the bosom or bumbum of wives, concubine and side chics.
Political neophytes are now prancing all over the place arrogating to themselves power beyond their scope and capacity.
One begin to wonder why these ‘political lords’ have this kind of mortal fear of primaries.
2023 elections will be a different ballgame for vote bandits who believes victory in election must be through violence and result tampering.
Elections supervised by INEC are different from those conducted by SIEC and it is advised that the despots parading as democrats in Kogi State take note.
Since 2016, Kogi West electorates have shown capacity to vote as they deem fit irrespective of threats and intimidation.
The rating of APC has plummetted due to so many reasons and convincing the people to keep faith with the party with credible and acceptable candidates is difficult not to talk of imposed and unpopular selected candidates.
To avoid a disastrous outcome for the party in the coming elections, every arrangement that puts some people as unquestionable lords must be abandoned. All aspirants must be allowed to test their popularity and acceptance through a transparent process devoid of favouritism and manipulation.
Despite the denials and rebuttals, the existence of a list is a fact though a lot of editing is still ongoing which will be a shame if professed Muslims will liar blatantly in the Holy Month of Ramadan.
The beat goes on and may Allah spare of lives till the elections and after.

Abdulhamid Tijani

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