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I’m In Love Again -Zakky Adzay Confesses



In 2012, Zaaki Azzay was in the news for allegedly beating his estranged wife, Hadiza, which the woman said forced her out of the union. Hadiza then claimed that, “I left home on the 17th of April (2012) because of the beatings I constantly received from my husband. That was the eight time since we got married.” She said further said that, “He used beat me seriously and he would increase the volume of the TV set or start the generator so that neighbours would not hear my cry for help. “When I didn’t go, he came to the room and asked me why I did not hearken to his command that is should leave his house. I did not respond. He saw me dressing up the children and thought I would take them away to my father’s place the same way I did last year. He took the children away that morning and I quickly reasoned that his next step would be to come back and beat me. So I took a few clothes and ran away.” In his response Zaaki Azzay denied the allegations made by his wife and said that he would not discuss his marital life on the pages of newspapers. But some weeks ago, the ‘Na Me Go Marry Am’ crooner was again in the news for allegedly marrying his estranged wife’s cousin, 24-year-old Hembadoon Maskaven Ugema. Reacting to this, he said, “When I started dating my new wife, I didn’t even know she is from the same community as my ex. By the time I got to know, I was already in love with her. It is not right for you to judge other a woman based on what other women did to you in the past. People differ. I can’t say because one woman is bad, then every other woman in that community is bad. “When I asked for her hand in marriage, her father said he would investigate all he heard about me before he would give his approval for me to take his daughter and he did that. If I were a bad person, as soon as I got to that community, they would certainly have refused giving me another daughter of theirs. It is obvious they know I am a good person. That goes to

show that there is more to it than my ex-wife is saying,” he told a journalist. In a recent chat with First Weekly, Zaaki confessed that he is in love again. While speaking on the rumour that he married Hadiza’s cousin, he said, “there will always be rumour in everything that you do, it is not affecting me, I am in love again. That is a big deal for me.”

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