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‘I’d rather STARVE than not smoke’: Chloe-Jasmine upsets Stevi Ritchie with bizarre claim on Celebrity Big Brother



The X Factor stud isn’t happy with his bride-to-be on tonight’s episode of the Channel 5 reality show after she insinuates that she would rather die than go without cigarettes

Chloe-Jasmine prefers fags to food

Chloe-Jasmine prefers fags to food

Chloe-Jasmine Whichello rarely steps a foot wrong in the eyes of Stevi Ritchie.

But in tonight’s episode of Celebrity Big Brother, the Essex lad isn’t happy with his future bride when she makes a rather bizarre claim.

After Team UK wins the latest challenge set out by show producers, the group gathers in the kitchen to decide how they will spend their luxury shopping budget.

Desperate to get her hands on some fags, Chloe-Jasmine shouts out: “Take off my corn things, I would rather have my cigarettes. I’d rather starve…I’d rather not eat than not smoke!”

Stevi wasn't impressed with his fiancee

Stevi wasn’t impressed with his fiancee

Naturally, Stevi is pretty miffed with the remark and looks visibly concerned for his fiancee.

Putting his foot down, he tells Chloe-Jasmine: “There’s no way you’re not eating. I’m not having that.”

But she doesn’t appear too concerned about her future husband’s worries and dismisses him.

“Darling shush, its okay,” she says, bringing the conversation to an end.

It seems it’s not just Stevi who has an issue with Chloe-Jasmine for prioritising cigarettes over food.

After the incident, a baffled Austin Armacost and Fatman Scoop wander into the bedroom together and begin joking about how ridiculous she has been.

Celebrity Big Brother is on Channel 5 tonight at 9pm for its double fake, fake eviction.

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