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I Will Have Nightmares If I Am Not On White -JIBOLA DABO



The name, Jibola Dabo is synonymous with good acting and role interpretation. Jibola Dabo is a well refined actor, who has remained relevant in the movie industry in Nigeria. Even though he has acted in some controversial films, his reputation has not weaned.

For those who are very conversant with the colour of dresses Jibola Dabo puts on to many events, they will notice that he does not wear any other colour apart from white. It is very common to see him on white buba and sokoto with white shoes to match his white beard.

The actor recently revealed to First Weekly the main reason he wears only white dresses to events. According to him, he cannot be caught wearing other colours at any occasion apart from on set.

“My wearing white dress to event has to do with my spiritualism. That is the only time my soul is at peace and I am at peace with myself. I can never be caught wearing other colours except when I am working on a movie set,” Mr. Dabo said, clarifying that, “It has nothing to do with rituals or anything like that.”

He also said, “If I sleep with bed sheet that is not white, I would have nightmares. So, it (wearing white) has to do with my spiritualism. It is not juju or rituals; it is just my inner self.

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