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I Was Feeding Soul E, His Parents While We Were Married—Queen Ure



There have been indirect exchanged of words between estranged lovers, Soul E and Queen Ure In recent times. They are a perfect example of ‘love turned sour’.

Some years ago, when Soul E attracted media attention after he released his then hit single, Soul E Baba, love strings were tied between him and the pretty daughter of Nigeria’s former Minister of Health, Dr. JOJ Okezie, Queen Ure.

However, like the Yorubas will say, ‘what brought them together separated them.’ They were the darling of everybody in those days, when they used to attend public functions together, when the going was good.

Even several media reports, where Soul E was lambasted for marrying  Queen Ure, who is said to be older than him, didn’t bother him as he insisted that  age was just a number, which should not stop his ‘Adam’ from eating ‘the apple’ presented to him by his ‘Eve’.

But there have been exchange of hot words between the two ex-lovers since they separated. Shortly after Soule E’s secret marriage to another lady in Abuja, Queen Ure told a newspaper that she was not bothered by his decision to pick another woman as wife.

Firing back his own shot, Soul E disclosed that he made a grievous mistake dating Queen Ure. He revealed that there was no time he was married to the former banker as ‘some people wrongly believed.’

The latest bullet is now coming from Queen Ure, who stated recently that she was responsible for the upkeep of Soul E and his parents while the going was still rosy.

The fair-complexioned lady was speaking at an event held in Lagos few weeks ago, where she presented some gift items to a home for the less privileged in Lagos.

According to her, ‘I heard Soul E said he made a mistake dating me. For me, it was never a mistake going out with him. I have moved on. I fed him and his parents, while we were dating each other. Like I said, I don’t regret my time with him.’

With this latest bombshell from Queen Ure, it is unclear if the war of words would stop or Soul E, who is now a prophet, will fire back.

It will be recalled that Soul E and Queen Ure established a church in the city of Lagos, when they were still together, but reports revealed that the church is no longer functioning.

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