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I Regrets Having Sex Before Marriage -Toyin Aimakhu



Popular Nollywood actress Toyin Aimakhu has taken the bull by the horn by surprising everyone with some chilling new revelations.
The Yoruba-genre actress, who has been soaring higher and higher since her career started in the year 2003, has opened up on her private life and marriage. It would be recalled that the Olabisi Onabanjo University graduate of Philosophy got married to her best friend and colleague in the industry, Adeniyi Johnson, in 2013.

What has changed since she got married
“Dressing, I can’t wear those skimpy outfits anymore, moreover the way I talk to people has changed too. I can no longer make decisions on my own and I can’t use my black berry anymore, that’s the most painful one. My husband doesn’t like me using It because it distracts me and I have to obey him cos is my small god”

Arguments and kitchen
I love to cook o. My husband rarely joins me in the kitchen except when he is very hungry, so he comes to monitor my cooking. When we argue, I usually apologize first because he is from Ondo and Ondo people are usually stubborn but sometimes anybody can apologize first.

Sex before Marriage
“Hmm, sex before marriage. I am guilty of it as well. It is not a good thing but what can we do. May God help us Christians and forgive us. It is not easy, the temptation is too much. In my own case, when I had with my husband before we got married, I really felt bad about it and asked for forgiveness and for like four months, we abstained from it till after our wedding. It wasn’t easy but we made sure we there was some distance.”

Pregnancy before Marriage
I wasn’t pregnant before my wedding; my tummy was just big in the pictures because of too much carbohydrate. I wasn’t doing any form of exercise, I was too lazy but I am slimmer and prettier now.

White wedding
We haven’t done our traditional and white wedding because there is no money. Of course when money comes, we will do it. Many fans believe I pretend that I am wealthy but I am not, in fact I wish Daddy Mike Adenuga or Otedola would call me now and say my daughter, I heard you mentioned my name in your Alakada movie, come and take N10million.
I will immediately go and buy a house in Banana Island, buy Gwagon and range rover and do a lot of shopping…lol, the truth is I don’t have money, we are struggling but we are not begging sha and that is what matters, at least we live in a flat and we have a car, we try”

On the controversy of being paid N1.5million to emcee a friend’s wedding recently
I wasn’t paid N1.5million for any MC job. The I.5M tag on Instagram was the price of the ring, it was an exclusive diamond ring and I haven’t seen such before, I don’t know why bloggers will assume I was paid such, none of them bothered to confirm it from me. Sometimes when you are bored, you know you just write stuffs on social media but these bloggers blow it out of proportion. And even if I was paid N1.5million, why will I come on internet to let people know I was paid so. Olorun Maje (God forbid), I don’t have such upbringing about showing off my wealth to oppress others, when some don’t even have food to eat. Yet you see some celebs showing off almost 30 cars.
That is why I love comedian AY and his wife, Mabel, Jesus Christ their house is awesome and out of this world, 2face’s house nko. Those are rich people yet they don’t come online to brag about their wealth or fake bags and shoes. Imagine someone buying a $3000 shoe, I dey mad.

Flaunting wealth on social media
Most times it is fans that cause it; they make many celebs lie on social media. They expect too much, forgetting that we are humans too. Imagine if I buy a 3k shoe for instance and I wear it to an event once, fans expect me not to wear it again, they will be like “is that not the shoe she wore last week” so celebrities have to please the fans, I don’t let it affect me though. if I should buy such a shoe, I will still wear it for 7months”

Most expensive item in my wardrobe
The most expensive item in my wardrobe is nothing. My phone is the only expensive thing I have and it is even cheap sef. My clothes, shoes and bags are China or Uk primary new look which I get from the Island.

How I relax
I can talk three days non-stop and my husband likes when I give him all the gist but sometimes he tells me not to talk too much and be like Mummy Omotola Ekeinde and Ibinabo Fiberesima, I love them pieces, I am Omotola Ekeinde’s first born.

Her recent controversial post on women being their own enemies
Whenever you want Nigerians to read or notice something just put a little mistake. I was happy because everyone read it, but they read it to make jest of me and my English, lol. Women try hard are truly their own enemies, you know a man is married yet still try hard to get his attention.

Women and her husband
Plenty, what can I do? God will help us; you need to sell the hell that goes on my husband’s facebook page all the time.

The best thing(s) that have ever happened to her
“Being born again, my marriage and my new appointment with the AGN”

Her appointment as the Vice President of the Actors Guild of Nigeria (AGN) for the South West region
I was elected the Vice President of the actor’s association along with Ibinabo Fiberesima as President on Thursday, 16 October. I contested alongside a member of the AGN who is not an actress; but I got the highest number of votes. I won the election. I am happy, very happy. My first reaction was happiness of course. Now, I will try my best and correct a lot of things especially the awards, I don’t like the way the award organizers do things, I want them to do better, I don’t want to bust the bubbles yet…Long live AGN”

On how the new executives intend solving the rift between members of the AGN
“We are still deliberating on that, it will soon be resolved by God’s grace”

Her husband’s reaction to the appointment
“He is a very understanding man, he is in support of it”

Her hit movie ‘Alakada’
“The way a lot of people live a fake life inspired it. People live fake lives a lot o, I meet with people like that a lot of time and I just look at them and laugh”

Sneak peek into the projects she is currently working on
“Yea, my music. I am going to release my single soon and we are working on soap”

Message to fans
I love you all.

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