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I Miss the ‘Critical’ Buhari



When they say, “easier said…”, President Muhammadu Buhari embodies this saying in both form and content. How about the saying: “Wish others what you wish yourself?” This, too, applies most aptly to our “see no evil, hear no evil” president.

The run-up to the 2015 general election witnessed Buhari in such a fit that raised the hope of many that truly, “the messiah might have come”. At a time of palpable hopelessness and unceasing crisis, the Buhari presidency was just a fait accompli.

What Nigerians sought was an ideal leadership in time of crisis. Only if the majority had an inkling that he would turn out worse than what they were going through at the time.

Unfortunately, too, when God would send a messenger to hint at what might likely happen, he sent the most unlikely person: Goodluck Jonathan. Indeed, Jonathan, the arguably clueless one not only predicted it, he actually saw it. But, who could have taken him seriously?

The same man for whom we sought change had advised us to tread with caution, because the choice being embraced was hotter than hell fire. He must be joking, many thought. No one was willing to listen to him let alone ponder his viewpoint.

Yet, Buhari was everywhere, including delivering speeches around the world about the change Nigeria was going to experience. He had advised Jonathan on a few occasions to resign, because he’d lost it to insecurity. He spoke about subsidy as corruption. He knew then that it was ungodly to seek medical attention abroad when the hospitals back home were in shambles.

He condemned the state of education and promised to put it right if elected. Oh, the economy? Dollar would no longer be attractive once he gets into office and the culture of corruption, we’d never see again. Above all, he reasserted these at inauguration when he said he was for nobody but for everybody. Sadly, everything has turned out to be “lori iro”.

In one of the articles I wrote at the time, I warned that when we want something and ask God for it, we should also ask if God wills the request for us. I, therefore, posited further that, what if the presidency would strip Buhari of the “messiah myth” and expose his inadequacies? Just maybe!

As it is, the mystique has since vanished and he’s been exposed ruthlessly as the most incompetent leader ever produced by this country, trailing way behind the clueless one. Honestly and without playing to the gallery, I miss the pre-2015 “critical” Buhari. I wish we elected that one.

Olawale Olaleye

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