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I Hop Around With Your Son In Taxis, Buses…Wizkid’s First Babymama Drops Bombshell



Wizkid’s first babymama,Sola Ogudu has released private chat of what she and her babydaddy discussed about their son, then went on to rant about how wizkid has neglected ALL Tife’s birthdays, made him a starboy chain and then took it back from him. She also explained how she had told Wizkid to please support her in getting a small car to move around with Tife instead of buses and taxis and Wiz completely ignored her. It’s a blockbuster, but mehn, I’m sad that she’s going through all of this and ‘refused’ to move on. If you want financial support SUE him, and MOVE ON GIRL. You have a lot ahead of you, shouldn’t be about Tife/Wizkid alone! You still need to own your life, your proper family! Damn, this is heartbreaking!

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