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I Don’t Believe In What Jaruma Sells – Tonto Dikeh



Nollywood actress Tonto Dikeh has revealed that she does not believe in the use of aphrodisiac locally known as Kayan Mata.

According to the controversial actress, she has never used these products because she does not believe in them, even though popular aphrodisiac specialist and sex therapist, Jaruma whom she referred to as Oga Madam is her friend.

The popular actress in a post on Instagram stated that many aphrodisiac sellers whom she referred to as K. sellers were sending her private messages as it appears she does not fully endorse the use of such products.

She wrote: “Do I believe in traditionally herbal aphrodisiac, Yes I believe some natural herbs can enhance better sex but no I don’t believe in the other part of this work that looks or feel like jazz.

“You see it’s wrong to assume everything that glitters is gold, I have heard of K.sellers renting dollars from banks, aboki (mallam) just to create an illusion to draw the public’s attention into assuming the money was made using their products…personally I think that genius,” she wrote.

The 35-year-old said she respects everyone who trades in aphrodisiac but that she would not stop educating young girls to seek success instead of trying to get a man at all costs.

“All I am saying is there is more to life than 24/7 plotting to hook a man as suppose we just work hard. Shoutout to every hard-working Woman out there,” she added.

Tonto, a mother of one, also wrote on InstaStories that although she had in the past advertised Kayan Mata on her Instagram page, she would not do so again “knowing the rave of laziness it’s causing on my female youths.”