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How OJB Jezreel’s wives killed him – Prof Alexia Thomas



The Nigerian music industry and the nation lost popular music producer and singer OJB Jezreel to kidney ailment on June 14, 2016, somebody who was close to the late singer is seeing his death from a different angle. A former close associate and friend of OJB in his hey days, Prof Alexia Thomas, is challenging music star’s death.

The Mother of Saintism religion, Prof Thomas, who in the 80’s was OJB’s good friend has slammed the musician in death saying he killed himself. The fierce activist and chairman of the Commonwealth Liberation Party (TCLP) Prof Thomas who is based in Britain spoke exclusively to Safari News where she charged the Nigerian government to conduct a more intensive investigation into the star’s death, under the notion that his three wives may have been responsible for his sudden death. She said: “How on earth will somebody like OJB, in the first place be married to three wives, when he’s not Fela Anikulapo Kuti, who had all the razzmatazz to harbour such number of women under a roof?

So, for the musician to approach and engage the women as wives under one roof is one matter and for the women to accept to marry him and live with him under same roof is entirely another matter”. Prof. Thomas asserted that: “Honestly, the women need to be interrogated intensively. There’s no doubting the fact that they have hands in OJB’s death. How would a man of OJB status harbour three women and sleeping with them as wives and the women accept such? Nigeria must rise up to this task”


Prof Alexia Thomas

The activist based her assertion on the fact that: “When the musician was through with his kidney transplant operation in India, he didn’t go into seclusion to recuperate. He went back home into the “warm” arms of the “vultures” who out of their inordinate and selfish desires may have resorted to sleeping with him, the way he had always done, a situation that may have aggravated his condition.

He was said to have repeated the operation three different times before his health deteriorated weeks back. He died in the process. The women have to answer questions regarding OJB’s death”. When told that marrying more than one wives is a trend in Nigeria, Prof. Thomas rose does not agree with this for OJB. She said: “For goodness sake, how on earth will someone of OJB, a man of less than 50 years put three women in his house as wives, without being another Fela, how will he satisfy them sexually, how does he look after himself without injuring his health, the question is what would have been the mission of the women for accepting to live together as wives to a man of under 50? There are certainly many questions to answer.”

OJB and his 3 wives

“This, she added, is the more reason why the Nigeria Police must rise up to its task of being accountable to an inquiry into OJB’s death. The women need to be asked questions, what were the situations around the musician’s home, his state of health, his well-being with the so-called wives and how he’s been coping with the women, among others?”

Prof. Thomas concluded that: “It will be obvious that something actually went wrong amongst his domestic home which may have necessitated the musician’s kidney problems that eventually led to his sudden death. This, when done, would have restored confidence in the Nigerian public that when matters like this happen, it must not be allowed to be swept under the carpet.

An inquiry must be carried out to prevent further occurrence which may work in adverse interest of the general public.” While OJB first went down with kidney ailment, it was his first wife, Mabel that donated one of her kidneys for him for the 2013 transplant. After his death, the mother of three said she did not regret donating her kidney to her husband.

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