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How Lagos Socialite, Late Tunji Alaaso Terrorised Yahoo Big Boys -His Reckless Lifestyle As Gay And EFCC Imposter.



Tunji Alaaso

Whenever a relatively young person dies naturally or is killed by known or unknown assailant, people usually lament the death of such a person and weep profusely as a sign of the pain his or her death has inflicted on them.

But, such was not the case for many people, when a popular socialite, Alhaji Razak Adetunji Adeniyi fondly called ‘Alhaji Gay’ or Alhaji Tunji Alaso met his demise in the hands of unidentified persons on Monday 20th July, 2015.

Alhaji Gay is popularly known for his activities of arresting fraudsters and those involved in cyber crimes – Yahoo boys.

However, the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC had denied on different occasions that he was working on behalf of the anti-corruption body.

Alhaji Gay was reportedly stabbed to death by unknown person(s), and Yahoo boys were said to have rejoiced as they are glad that he’s gone for good.

Alaaso is well known for series of criminal activities in Kollington, Alagbado area of Lagos.

The deceased was said to have been stabbed to death in his car while on his way home around Moshalasi bus stop, Alagbado.

Posing as an EFCC officer, Alhaji Gay allegedly extorted a lot of money from cyber hustlers (yahoo boys) in the name of avoiding arrest.

Until his death, he was a very powerful man who was feared by all.

Alaaso’s boys were said to have hit the streets vowing that they will bring down the killers of their boss.

Some of his notorious activities include faking policemen and EFCC officials to swindle unsuspecting victims of their hard earned money and property.

He was said to have operated in Abeokuta, capital of Ogun State in areas like Onikolobo, Ojere, Ita-Eko and environs on several occasions, and reportedly made life difficult for suspected Yahoo boys.

A source revealed that Alaaso was fond of using voodoo to locate Yahoo boys in these areas and extort money from them in collaboration with some law enforcement agents on the pretext that he was working for the EFCC.

“He would appear to the boys from nowhere demanding money for their proceeds from their activities as Yahoo boys. He has collected money ranging from N800,000, N4 Million to N5 Million from suspected Yahoo boys, who were always helpless anytime he approached and threatened them,” said a source.

It was gathered that any of the boys that failed to come up with money was always arrested by Alaaso’s alleged police accomplice, who would ensure the person is thrown into jail.

The source said that one of such boys was handed a jail term of about two years and that there is a police station in Adeniji Adele area of Lagos State, where Alaaso usually took the boys, adding that many Divisional Police Officers (DPOs) in Ikeja, Lagos area are at the beck and call of the late homosexual.

“He worked with some men of the State Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) and he was in Malaysia recently to arrest some Yahoo boys, but some of them managed to run away. They used the land grabbing issue to kill him as an excuse. He was actually killed by cult guys,” said another source.

Some notable Yahoo big boys that reportedly entered Alaaso’s trap include OPA 61X, H Money and Paddy Osha.

An informant revealed that one of the last operations of Alaaso was when he collected N8 Million from some Yahoo boys who got N9 Million from a Yahoo deal.

First Weekly Magazine was informed that Alaaso’s death elicited jubilation from most of the big Yahoo boys in South East Asia and that the Yahoo boys in Abeokuta are now rejoicing as they see his death as freedom for them to go ahead with their illicit acts.

It would be recalled that the police in Area ‘G’, Ogba, declared Alaaso, who until his death, resided at 7, Barusam Avenue, Alagbado, Lagos, wanted for allegedly sexually assaulting an 18-year old boy.

Sources said that Alaaso sexually assaulted the teenager, Kabiru Amusa, at his residence, on Friday, 16 January.

Narrating his ordeal to the police, the victim, a petrol attendant working at Ayokunnu Petrol Station, Abule-Taylor, near Abule-Egba, said Alaaso has been luring him to his house for a long time, promising to get him a more lucrative job.

He said after a long persuasion, he decided to honour his invitation, only for the man to drug him with the assistance of some men believed to be homosexuals.

Kabiru told the police that he was drugged with Don Simon drink and that the man locked him up and had marathon sex with him through the anus, leading to tears and bleeding.

It was further gathered that after the dastardly act, Alaaso released the teenager, who, afraid for his life, refused to tell his parents what transpired.

“But when I could not defecate for four days and I was feeling very uncomfortable, I had to tell my father, who immediately brought me to Area ‘G’ to report the incident,” Kabiru said.

The police immediately swung into action and swooped on the suspect’s building. On sighting the police, Alaaso reportedly escaped through the roof of his house and has since been at large.
His suspected co-conspirators are Wahab Adeniyi, 39; Gbenga Aladelusi, 32; Okoro Emeka, 21; Hastrup Adesoji, 24; Gbenga Odumolu, 23; Azeez Amusa, 45 and a lady who prevented the police from arresting him, Mrs. Yetunde Adelugba, 38.

While the police has declared the prime suspect wanted, the co-conspirators were charged before the Ikeja Magistrate’s Court 8, for conspiracy and indecent sexual assault on a male.
The seven suspects were remanded at the Kirikiri maximum prison, pending further hearing on the case.

But for the residents of Kollington Area in Alagbado, ‘the death of Alhaji Gay is a good riddance to bad rubbish as we are now free to operate and use our land the way we want and our young boys would be free from his bad habit as a gay.’