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How Did Labour Become The Most Corrupt Political Party In Nigeria?



Peter Obi, the pathetic excuse for a governor who could not command any respect in Anambra, one of the smallest states in Nigeria, where no one of any note has any regard for him, claims he is the messiah to rescue our country of 200 million plus people.

He has nurtured, cultivated and aggregated a rabidly fanatical and pitiably unthinking personality cult around himself, who are convinced this megalomaniac with the sugarcoated tongue of a deceiver is the next best thing to our Lord Jesus Christ.

The same Peter Obi who happily ran as running mate to Atiku Abubarkar in PDP in 2019, and, attended the same Atiku’s declaration in 2022 – even after having declared for the same presidential ticket of the PDP, himself – keeps on encouraging the infernal fiction of himself as saviour of our country.

This is the same Obi, the complete disgrace of a public official who illegally invested state funds in a private company that makes beer emblazoned with the Biafran flag.

And this brazen secessionist dares asks the rest of us to make him president of a country he has neither loyalty for, nor fidelity to!

I do not know who is most responsible for making who but I’m sure historians would find the poser, whether it was Joseph Goebbels who made Adolf Hitler or it was the other way round, a rather promising line of inquiry.

What is certainly not in any doubt to me is the unmistakable Goebbelian character of the Obedient movement wherein obedience to a most irritating pathological liar has been elevated over obedience to Almighty God, the God of Truth.

Peter Obi is clearly a polluter capable of catastrophically tainting anything he touches.

The latest platform to which he has prostituted himself, the Labour Party, has now completely lost its soul thanks to the most abhorrent antics of this would be leader with the girlish voice.

Indeed, the party, a platform the labour movement had initially floated as an alternative to the perceived corruption in the major parties at the time, has now, itself, miserably decomposed into the most utterly corrupt political party in today’s Nigeria!

The Labour Party suspended its National Youth Leader, Anslem Eragbe, over allegations of forgery and what it claimed was insubordination to the party leadership.

Truth is they were just fighting over money.

The Labour Party in Taraba State remains embroiled in crisis following the suspension of the state chairperson of the party, one Esther Gulum.

Her suspension from office was predicated on enabling party executives carry out thorough investigations into how huge amounts of money were “misused by her.”

Her erstwhile executives accused her of using her personal accounts to run the affairs of the party in the state and engaging in anti-party activities, besides being an employee of the state government.

The Bayelsa chapter of Obi’s Labour Party sacked its chairman over allegations of embezzling party funds, engaging in anti-party activities and illegally switching candidates of the party after collecting bribes.

Supporters of the party that wants to save Nigeria from corruption ended up fighting one another over money promised them for attending the party’s rally in Abia State.

Party members accused the leadership and organisers of the event of diverting funds disbursed for the event.

Shortly after their messiah, Peter Obi, flagged off Alex Otti’s governorship campaign in the state, party members descended into a free-for-all, shouting obscenities at one another and throwing punches over sharing of money.

Indeed, viral videos abound of Obi’s party of puritans sharing money to rally attendees.

The compulsive importer and chief facilitator of consumption in Nigeria who nevertheless claims he wants to move our economy from consumption to production has been busy renting crowds, all this while.

This is all quite apart from Obi’s mentor, chief promoter, number one supporter and former Director General of Labour’s presidential campaign council, Doyin Okupe, now a disgraced ex convict and court certified money launderer, being suspended by his state chapter for financial impropriety, diversion of party funds while having failed to pay his party dues.

Obi and his Labour Party rabble have putrified into a cauldron of hypocrisy whose mantra is “do as I say but not as I do”

Only recently, one person, tweeting under the handle, @lonislambert, had alleged as follows: “good morning @PeterObi the money you gave pastor Steven for mobilisation in Potiskum, he’s using it to build a new house in Kukargadu.

You simply cannot make this stuff up!

I am not really surprised that the man whose driver was caught with 250 million naira in the hood of his car has only succeeded in totally corrupting a once promising political party.

In short, under Peter Obi, the Labour Party has completely gone rogue.

The Holy Bible says: “And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free”, John 8:32.

Peter Obi, the man who has introduced the most brazen religious inflection to politicking ever witnessed in our country, now presides over a carcass of a political party that has shamelessly sold its soul to the devil.

His equally megalomanic endorser of questionable parentage, who slept with his own son’s wife, announced that he won’t be campaigning for Obi, after all.

I do not think Olusegun Obasanjo was only finally acknowledging his zero electoral value; I believe he now realises Obi cannot possibly win and is only trying to insulate himself from blame when All Progressives Congress APC Presidential Candidate Asiwaju Bola Tinubu is declared winner, President-elect and incoming President, Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, on February 25.

-Jesutega onokpasa

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