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Hearty Congratulations To Our Daughter Folashade Arike – Ronke Bello



My hearty congratulations to our daughter, sister mi, the SSG( Kogi State ) Mrs Folashade Ayoade-Arike,Ph.D.

Thanks for the fantastic way you all received me and the great hospitality shown.(Sister mi, a great hostess fed me fat on high – mountain pounded yam the Okun way)?.

Ours as a people is a great bond when we all relate well, share mutual & communal respects even when flying on or maintaining our individual lanes.

My very short stay in our state’s capital and how we all kept hugging, laughing and relating made onlookers envious. That means we are more powerful standing together as compatriots!.

Like I said publicly yesterday, this last lap should be one that encompasses all. Esp in an ultra -new direction with visible and tangible results of growth and development of state and people.

To your boss, our Governor & captain of our statecraft H.E GYB who personally called & requested my appearance at the inauguration …I saw a true , bold & encompassing statesman… not just for now but for the future!
His Inaugural speech was one of the deepest I have heard and I enjoin this to be circulated to ALL.

May Kogi succeed. May we play our parts and bequeath to our coming generations a state we can all be proud of.
To you trio… work hard, fly high!.

Yours in Yagba & Okun Development,
Ronke Bello,Ph.D

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