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Has Kylie Jenner paid off Tyga’s $50,000 rent debt?



Radar Online is now reporting that Kylie Jenner has bailed him out and has settled up with his landlord. What a lucky man.

Kylie Jenner

“Kylie doesn’t care about $50,000 because that is nothing to her,” an insider told the publication. “To her, that amount of money is spent a week on just a few purses.”

But her bailout hasn’t gone down well with her family – we don’t think our parents would be too happy either – with another source claiming: “The Kardashians told her that even the fact that he asked her to pay that much money for him is beyond ridiculous.”


Ky turns 18 this month so when that happens she won’t have to worry about what her family think because…her fortune will be ALL in her control. Let’s just hope she doesn’t blow it all on purses….