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Happy Birthday To The Delectable Erelu Of Mopa, Ronke Bello



Birthdays usually bring about good memories. It reminds one of the day he or she was brought into this beautiful world to be part of the interesting activities of mankind on planet earth.

For you Ronke Bello, it is noteworthy that your birthday is celebrated at a time people gather to remember the death and resurrection of the saviour of the world, our Lord Jesus Christ.

Erelu of Mopa, you are a delectable woman and a shinning star from the area considered as the nucleus of the country, no wonder your life has affected those of several others that have come across you and your secret admirers.

Just as the lord Jesus Christ touched lives, while on earth, you are touching the lives of those, who come across you in your own way through giving, counseling, relationship, kindness and you are a role model to thousands of people around you.

We at First Weekly Magazine are proud of you as an enigma and an ambassador of Kogi State that has kept the flag of the middle belt state flying everywhere you go.

Erelu Ronke Bello, we are celebrating you today as a promoter of the ideals we value as a corporate organisation.

If we had our way, we would have bestowed on you the title of “Amazon of First Weekly” just as you have been awarded as the Erelu Of Mopa.

You evince joy, honesty, sincerity and love always.

Truly, you deserve the chieftaincy title you were given as everything about you stand you out among the comity of women the area can boast of.

The womenfolk are proud of someone of your calibre, who has kept the flag flying despite the wroth in the world.

We can conveniently call you the Esther or Deborah of our time, who both fought for the freedom of their people.

While Esther found her way into the palace through her dexterity, closeness to God and determination, Deborah became a judge in Israel at a time women could hardly be found in leadership positions.

Erelu, these are the ideals you have embraced and we commend you for your commitment, shrewdness, tenacity of purpose and right attitude to life.

We are not forgetting the fact that you are a socialite, who turns out in style at events.

But for the ravaging COVID-19 pandemic that is tormenting the world, our dear Erelu Ronke Bello would have rolled out the drums and glasses would have been clicked to celebrate a woman of value and class.

Wishing you a very happy birthday, we pray that good fortune will always be on your side.

We at First Weekly Magazine wish you many happy returns of the day.


Ekundayo Asaju