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Grand plot to sabotage the  Bilyamin Bello’s murder case exposed.



The alleged killing of Bilyamin Muhammed Bello, son of former PDP National Chairman, Haliru Bello, who was reportedly stabbed to death by his wife, Maryam Sada, daughter of the embattled Aso Savings Director, Hajiya Maimuna Aliyu is a matter that should generate serious concerns from the civil society  and a competent court of law.

Maryam had allegedly stabbed Bilyamin to death in their Maitama Abuja home last week.

According to sources, the attack arose out of her accusation of infidelity as she had earlier allegedly seen a series of text messages on his phone.

Maryam was said to have stabbed the deceased thrice on his back and several times on his private part.

Before this, Maryam had allegedly bitten  off part of his ear and he had to be treated at an hospital where he was advised not to go back home for some time but he refused to heed the advice.

After attacking him, she allegedly drove him to the hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Sources had revealed that the couple had a child, a daughter together before the incident.

However, seeing the seriousness of the poluce and the outrage the case has generated there has now been reports of some grand plan by some elements to sweep the matter under the carpet.

Some  concerned individuals  are now raising alarm over a piece of information  now circulating on social media that Maryam was not actually responsible for the death of Bilyamin.

The report has it that Maryam and Bilyamin started dating from their university days and that his family pushed and forced him to marry his first wife, Fakriya, while he was dating Maryam.

It was stated in the report that the marriage did not last two weeks before the couple started seeing signs of incompatibility .

Observers  have however picked hole in the report that added that prior to their wedding, family and close relatives didn’t want Maryam to marry Bilya.

They argued further that it was a lie that Maryam’s mother refused to spend a dime for the wedding and that she was upset that Bilya didn’t want to spend a dime and that he expected the in-laws to do everything.

“The report had it that Maryam started to realize the lies Bilya told her about his family, job and source of income.

“How could that be true. Whether Bilya was a direct son of Haliru Bello should not even be an issue as the report stated that he was Haliru’s nephew. Is that enough reason for his wife to kill him? They should let this poor soul rest and stop this blackmail” said a source close to the family.

One of our sources added that it was all a lie that Maryam begged Bilya severally for divorce, adding that it was Bilya that was preparing to divorce Maryam based on her violent attitude before his death last week.

According to the source, the writer of the report that was trying to justify the killing or death of Bilya stated in the report that he was bleeding without stating how the bleeding started.

He said; “How did he start bleeding after having a disagreement with his wife? He wrote that the woman was asking the maid if the man had gone to the hospital or not, when he started bleeding. Is that a wife, she went to the kitchen to cook, while her husband was bleeding. What is the meaning of that?it is obvious that this hack writer is a friend of mariam and shares similar if not worse traits with her”

“The writer went further  stupidly by stating that Maryam’s plan was to inflict pain on Bilyamin and not to kill him. A pain that rendered the man helpless was not designed to kill him?A pain that caused someone to bleed seriously and be in a pool of his blood was not designed to kill him?

“Thank God we have competent judges in Nigeria, who know their onions. They would look at the fact of the case because the death of Bilyamin was caused by the attack from his wife so she cannot claim to be innocent.”.

The sources emphasized that Maryam could not be surprised about what happened because her intention was to kill the man once and for all so that she and his alleged lovers would no longer have him.

“We want the law to take its course. There must be an end to this kind of domestic violence. A wife or husband that kills his or her spouse should face the music. We cannot continue to tolerate impunity of we want to sanitise our society.

“This matter should be treated the way it should so that it could serve as a deterrent to others, who might want to do the same thing in the future,” said the sources.

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