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Fayemi Coalition For Anti-Yoruba Presidency, Who Wan Go Jail?



Unrepentantly, Oga is going more rough despite the consistent entreaties by Ekiti public not to make Ekiti State the enemy of Yoruba race.

Less than 24 hours ago, the governor of Ekiti State, Dr Kayode Fayemi announced the indefinite suspension of some notable party leaders in Ekiti APC. Whatever Fayemi might be hiding under to do that. Their real offence is that they are not ready to part ways with Bola Ahmed Tinubu. And to somebody like Governor Fayemi, that is an unpardonable offence. Fayemi is going this far because he is coveting Vice-presidential position in 2023.

Yoruba, having supported Buhari (Hausa-Fulani) ascension into power for 8years, Fayemi is afraid of Tinubu’s possibility of contesting for presidency in 2023. Because he knows that Tinubu is the only political Ogbogbonioran (colossus) from the South West who has the capacity to match any selfish political giant from the North whom Fayemi might be willing to deputise.

If it is Fayemi himself who is trying to be president that would have been a different thing entirely, though uncalled for at a very sensitive time like this. How can a Ph.D holder be that parochial? How should a Yoruba man be rooting for 16years uninterrupted Fulani presidency at the expense of his own ethnic group ?

For those who might not have heard about me, my name is Gbenga Ogedengbe. I am a resident of Ado-Ekiti. Ado, the capital of Ekiti State was where PDP victory in the last Edo Election was perfected.

Mr Godwin Obaseki, the winner of that election is not in any way a political Hulk Hogan as being smartly suggested through the utterances and body language of the same people who floated a cross party political conspiracy which made Obaseki to appear like such.

in reality, Obaseki is a third party, though, weak but very lucky to have profited immensely from a squabble of a divided APC house.

The theory that Obaseki’s victory was a product of “Edo is not Lagos” struggle is a ruse which no sensible person should believe. If the election is a protest from Edo people against Bola Tinubu’s lordship over them as being peddled by a confused section of the conspirators, why would Edo people have to go for the highest bidder? Why did they have to collect N15,000, 5yards of Ankara clothes and a bag of Semovita each as voting bribe from Fayemi/Wike led APC/PDP coalition before they could make the acclaimed protest votes.

This is too glaring. It should be remembered that in the zero moments of the build up to the Edo governorship election, a contact man of Alhaji Atiku Abubakar of PDP, Mr Femi Fani-kayode was in Ado-Ekiti. That is not the news. The news is that the loquacious Fani Kayode was hosted by the Chief Executive of the state, H.E Dr Kayode Fayemi of APC. During the visit, Fanikayode stayed in the supposed APC controlled Ekiti State Government House. And he held several PDP meetings therein.

It was during this period that I got to know that adversaries could become close allies and eat inside the same dish with love once they have a common mission of pulling down one of their own who they are envious of.

Dr Kayode Fayemi is envious of and coveting the cerebral endowments of his one time employer in Radio Kudirat, his mentor and benefactor, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu. It must be clarified, what Fayemi is doing currently is not of Ekiti. Ekiti people are known from the time immemorial for hardwork, diligence, scholarship, and most importantly, their moral principle of being rigidly straightforward. Caring not about whose ox is gored; Fayemi was born and brought up in Ibadan, not in Ekiti. Fact!

Thus, no sociologist, anthropologist or historian should document his current disposition as the behavior of an average Ekiti person.

A fundamental reality of life that is often being ignored by a jealous person is that pulling down a destiny helper in one’s family for the reason of bitter envy won’t make any dwarf a giant. A giant will still be a giant and dwarf will continue to be a dwarf.

A sound of gunshot is not a thing to compare with the striking and booming sounds of torrential thunderstorms. Tinubu is not in a way the match of Fayemi. Tinubu has nurtured many people to greatness to include Fayemi himself. Fayemi is now a successful politician, since he has been so , how many people has he now made too?

Tinubu founded AC party, ACN and APC. On the three platforms, Fayemi had been governor and Minister. How many political party has Fayemi founded and how many people had used them to become governor, minsters, legislators, Vice president and president in the way Tinubu had done. Tinubu shares the same size of innovative mind with Abraham Lincoln. Tinubu created many job opportunities while he was governor in Lagos through establishment of new agencies, LCDA and so on. This includes LASMA which all states of the federation are not emulating. They call it Dagrin here in Ekiti. This is Fayemi’s 2nd term in office, how many job opportunities had he created? How many agencies are his brainchildren.

Rather, Fayemi has been putting embargo on job and employment opportunities in Ekiti. And being giving more than one political appointments to a single individual, leaving many others who worked for the party empty handed. Fayemi does not love to see many people being empowered. One year to the current local government administrations in Ekiti State, Fayemi has not allowed supervisory councillor to be appointed.

For over one year now, Fayemi had sold employment forms for civil service and teaching jobs in Ekiti State, no single person has been employed as we speak.

Tinubu met the IGR of Lagos at neighborhood of 400 million Naira but left it as N12.04 billion. Fayemi’s only achievement in government is Edo election.

The belief that people voted against Pastor Ize Iyamu with a view of getting back to Adams Oshiomhole for his sauciness is another deceit which can only be swallowed by a dunderhead. If that assertion is correct, why was Oshiomole able to win in his own local government and the neighbouring areas. Why would those places have to be an exception? Are those people not part of Edo?

What are you insinuating? Don’t say that! I know that they have! Edo people have the right to vote anybody of their choice. In the same vein, we also have the right to analyze and document whatever had influenced such choice, even, if it was a plate of porridge.

Black man’s penchant for forgetting history is the reason why unpleasant things keep on recurring in every of his generation. Can anyone still remember that PDP once boasted to rule Nigeria for 50years. What happened thereafter. 16 years after they fell. when Jonathan whose power managing/retaining/maintaining/sustainung capacity too poor.

Similar to what Fayemi and his gang are doing to Bola Tinubu at present, PDP journey to its present state of ignominy started when some small minds within the party decided to constitute themselves the party’s power bloc and start alienating and belittling the alter ego of the party, the father of PDP, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo.

And none of the people close to president Jonathan could realise the need to advise him to arrest this ugly trend. I’m very sure that if the NSA at that time, Colonel Sabo Dasuki could preempt that he would go through what he later went through when PDP lost at the centre(2015), he could have gone as much as founding PDP advocacy groups to beg Jonathan to stop his contemptuous countenance against Obasanjo., Same for Olisa Metu, same for the then first lady, and many others to include Madam Madueke who has since been in exile. If PDP is the government in power, would the almighty Madueke have run permanently to exile?

If PDP were to be in power, Would Fayose be running dual party loyalty? Campaigning for Tinubu of APC, and being a member of PDP at the same time. As my people would say, “Ogbon lo gba”. The expression means it takes application of wisdom. Who wan go jail. So, if APC collapses now, who are the people that would go to jail. Oga Kayode, Please continue sir.

Written by Gbenga Ogedengbe

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