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EXCLUSIVE: Revealed! Boss Of BNatural Spa Pamela Ndidi Died of wrong drugs prescription



Pamela Ndidi Bello, owner of popular BNatural spa, whose death was announced few days ago, was said to have died of cancer.

The doctor of skin beauty started the operation of her spa over 15 years ago.

The death of Pamela, fondly called PB, who runs one of the biggest beauty spas in Nigeria with three branches, got to many women who patronize her spa as well as her many friends across the country as a rude shock.

We were reliably informed that Pamela was living in America, and that she travelled down to Nigeria before the lockdown of the country over Coronavirus Pandemic.

Sources revealed that she was diagnosed with cancer in America and placed on specific drugs which she was using and working well for her.

“When she was coming she came with only the quantity that could last her for two months.

“After the two months, she and her family went everywhere to look for the drugs but they couldn’t get them.

“In the hospital, she was placed on some other drugs which a doctor recommended, but she had barely started using the drugs, when her condition degenerated and she gave up the ghost,” sources said.

Described as a very good and kind hearted fellow, her husband’s house on Mohammed Keshi Street, Magodo, Lagos has, since her unfortunate demise, been witnessing a massive turn out of sympathisers.

The loss of Pamela has, once again, called to question the health care system in Nigeria with many asking if it is impossible for the country to procure state of the art medical equipment that could handle serious cases like cancer.