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EXCLUSIVE: Children Custody Mess! Man Drags Mother-In-Law To Court Over Rape Allegations



Oluwaseun Olomo, the man at the center of a streaming controversy of an alleged rape of his son and daughter reported by a popular online medium-Saharareporters, has denied the allegation, saying that his mother-in-law, Mrs. Elizabeth Iluyomade was behind the plot as she wanted to have the custody of the children at all cost.

Olomo’s wife, Mrs. Elizabeth Oluwamodupe Olomo, who he married on the 22nd day of December, 2012, reportedly met her untimely death on the 3rd day of June, 2019, when she had a bike accident at Ikeja along and died instantly.

Mr & Mrs Olomo

The marriage produced two children, Fiyinfoluwa, a boy and now five years old and Folakemi, two years old.

However, Oluwamodupe’s tragic death appeared to have led to some messy developments between Mr. Oluwaseun Olomo and Mrs. Elizabeth Iluyomade over issues bothering on the custody of the children.

Mrs. Iluyomade had alleged in a report that went viral on the social media that Olomo sexually molested his two children and the report was entitled; “Father Absconds With Children After Raping Them Multiple Times.”

The report had left tongues wagging with many Nigerians wondering what could have led to such an ugly development.

However, Mr. Oluwaseun Olomo has denied ever molesting his children, stating that it was a product of his mother-in-law, who fabricated the tale so that she could be given the custody of the two children.

Olomo’s defence was contained in a petition written by his lawyers, D.J Fadesere & Co to the Director, Lagos State Office of the Public Defender at 2-8 Iyun Road, off Funsho Williams Barracks, Surulere, Lagos State.

The petition dated 29th July, 2019 was entitled; “Petition Against Mrs. Elizabeth Modupe Iluyomade on Abduction, Threat To Kill, Assault Occasioning Grievous Bodily Harm And False Imprisonment.”

The legal counsel said in the petition that the marriage between Oluwaseun Olomo and Elizabeth Modupe Olomo was blessed with two children (Fiyinfoluwa Olomo “M” 5 years old and Folakemi Olomo “F” 2 years old), both of who they said attend Gosamite Nursery and Primary School, Santos Layout, Akowonjo.

They alleged that on the 5th day of June, 2019, Olomo’s late wife’s sister and Aunt (Bimpe Olisaemeka and Aunty Bose) went to his house at No. 3, Gafaru Banire Street, Egbeda and informed him that his deceased wife’s mother wanted to see his children.

“That our Client parents, together with the children and his late wife’s sister and Aunt went to our Client’s mother-in-law’s house to console her over the death of her daughter.

“That his mother-in-law thereafter asked them to leave the children behind with her for some time.

“That on the 9th day of June, 2019 our Client went to his mother-in-law’s place to pick his children, but she refused to release the children to him.

“That his late wife was buried on the 12th day of June, 2019, but the children were not allowed to pay the last respect to their mother as they have been in solitary confinement since then,” the petition read.

It was alleged further that on 14th day of July, 2019, Mr. Olomo again went to his mother-in-law’s house to pick his children, but that he was denied access to his children and that rather his mother-in-law attacked him, tore his cloth and “threatened to kill him the way he killed his wife.”

Mr olomo left in tatters from the assault

Mr. Olomo was said to have reported the incident at Ago Palace Police Station in Okota and that his mother-in-law was invited, but that she refused to honour the invitation.

He was said to have also reported the matter to the Welfare Board at Alimosho and that Mrs. Iluyomade was invited on the 15th of July, 2019, but that she refused the honour.

It was added in the petition that “presently, our Client does not know the condition of his children as he has been denied access to his children.”

D.J Fadesere & Co also wrote a press release entitled; “Rejoinder on Case of Criminal Defamation Of Character Against Mrs. Elizabeth Module Iluyomade.”

In the press release, which was dated 12th March, 2020, !rs. Elizabeth Iluyomade was accused of defaming the character of Mr. Oluwaseun Olomo.

Some of the statements in the petition written to the DPP were repeated in the press release with additional allegations against Mrs. Iluyomade.

Mrs. Iluyomade was accused of framing the issue of defilement of the children by their father, Mr. Oluwaseun Olomo.

The counsel stated in the press release Mrs. Iluyomade had written an appeal for assistance on the matter to the Office of Public Defender dated 16th day of July, 2019.

Mrs. Iluyomade was quoted to have requested that the office should prevent Mr. Olomo from having custody of the children.

She was said to have stated that Seun Olomo could not take proper care of the children and that he would not even have time to spend with them due the nature of his job as Uber Driver.

A meeting was reportedly called by the Office of Public Defender on 6th August, 2019, where several people were present including Mrs. Iluyomade and Mr. Seun Olomo.

The Director of the Office of Public Defender, Mrs. Adeyemi was said to have directed that Terms of Settlement be drafted stating the custody of the children be granted to Mr. Olomo being their biological father, while their grandmother, Mrs. Iluyomade be granted access to the children one weekend in a month and half each holiday period and the terms were to be signed on 19th day of August, 2019.

“Surprisingly on the 19th day of August, 2019, when our Client alongside his parents and counsel got to the OPD, the Director of the OPD, Mrs. Adeyemi informed us that our Client’s children (Fiyinfoluwa Olomo and Folakemi Olomo) have been defiled.

“That at no point in time during the meeting of the 6th day of August, 2019 had Mrs. Iluyomade mentioned the case of defilement of the children. At this time, the children had been with her for over six weeks.

“That the Director of the Office of Public Defender informed our Client at that point that the case had been transferred to the Gender Unit of the Lagos Command of the Nigerian Police Ikeja,” the counsel said in the press release.

It was stated further in the release that on the 19th of August, the officials from the Office of the Public Defender did not allow Mr. Seun Olomo to see his children “based on the false allegation of defilement crudely and maliciously orchestrated by Mrs. Iluyomade and the video recorded by inr Anika Iluyomade (out Client’s sister-in-law).”

Mr. Olomo was allegedly rough handled and bundled into the Office of the Public Defender’s car and treated like a common criminal by officials from the Office of the Public Defender.

It was added in the release that consequent on the accusation by Mrs. Iluyomade, Inspector Olakunle Orebe, who is the Investigating Police Officer (IPO) took both Mr. Olomo and Mrs. Iluyomade to the Gender Office at the Lagos State Police Command, where they wrote statements.

Mrs. Iluyomade was accused of not reporting at the police station on 20th of August,p as agreed upon and accused of prevent in the police from conducting a proper test on the children to ascertain the veracity of her claim.

The counsel disclosed in the release that the two children were subsequently taken to welfare home after obtaining a Care Order on the 20th day of August and that no Care Order was served on Mr. Olomo.

“That on no occasion did our Client’s children complain of any pain in their private parts, when they were with the Client and his late wife.

“That a two-year old girl cannot be constantly penetrated and be able to move easily.

“That no official of the Office of the Public Defender went to Mirabel Centre with Mrs. Iluyomade, when she went to conduct the said examination on our Client’s children.

“That Mrs. Iluyomade, who did not allow the police to carry out proper investigation on this matter continued to pressure the Police to prosecute our client,” the release read.

They alleged in the release that the allegation was “just the devilish thought and plan of Mrs. Iluyomade to be the custody of our Client’s children.”

It was further alleged that Mr. Seun Olomo was charged with the offence of defilement before the Magistrate Court, Ogba wot Charge No: CR/MISC/B/42/2019.

According to the release, the Magistrate, Mrs. B.O Ogunsanmi stood down the case and invited Mr. Olomo, Mrs. Iluyomade, the prosecutor and the defence counsel and OPD’s lawyer (Mrs. Ibikunle) to her chambers , where she interviewed the children.

“That the children reiterated that their father did not do anything to them and she asked the children to go and meet their father. The children excitedly went to hug their father whom they had missed.

The elder child, Fiyinfoluwa was to have repeated their answers to the question asked them when they went back to court.

The court was said to have rules in favour of Mr. Seun Olomo and dismissed the action filed by Mrs. Iluyomade to wrestle custody from a biological father.

“Mrs. Iluyomade filed an appeal against the judgement of the court. This appeal is still pending. Regrettably, rather than wait for the outcome of the matter before the court, she resorted to cheap blackmail on the social media with active connivance of some hungry gutter journalists to assassinate our Client’s character in the estimation of right-thinking members of the society,” the release read.

In the story circulated in the social media, it was stated that the children had revealed to a doctor how their father forcefully had sex with them with bruises on their private parts showing forceful penetration.

Oluwaseun Olomo, a resident of Egbeda, a densely populated neighbourhood in Lagos, was alleged to have disappeared with his two children (a male and a female) after defiling them on multiple occasions.

Olomo was said to have also successfully won over the police to “aid his immoral act and obtain a favourable court order.”

It was alleged that the children had revealed to a doctor how their father forcefully had sex with them with bruises on their private parts showing forceful penetration.

“The matter was charged to court after it was transferred to the Gender Unit of the Lagos State Police Command but Olomo was described as a responsible man and granted the custody of the children.

“Meanwhile, it was discovered that the Investigating Police Officer in charge of the case, Olakunle Orebe, had altered some of the evidences in the case and also declined to present video testimonies of the kids to the judge,” the report added.

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