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Endorsement Of Gov. Idris Wada For Second Term By Kogi West PDP Elders; A Hotchpotch Of Mercantilists Masquerading As Leaders By Olalekan Aiyenigba



The announcement of the endorsement of Gov. Idris Wada for a second term by “ELDERS” of PDP in Kogi West is rather saddening but knowing the antecedence of many in that motley crowd of opportunists, I was not really surprised since this confirmed my earlier prediction that Gov. Wada is already with the PDP ticket in his pocket.

The reasons advanced by these “ELDERS” are not only laughable and nauseating but stand logic on its head. How can any sane group of individuals commend Gov. Wada for in their words, ‘his ability to maintain careful balance between human and infrastructural development in the management of the resources of Kogi State’ I ask myself which Kogi State this people are referring to. These ‘ELDERS’ equally noted the achievements of Gov. Wada which they claimed have remained underpublicized’ Unlike these elders, the unsavory comments of majority of our people are true reflections of the sordid state of affairs in Kogi State and these ‘elders’ despite knowing the truth should end this elderly delinquency and stop playing politics with serious issues that affect the lives of our people.

How can any group by whatever nomenclature honestly commend Gov. Wada for the efforts he has made on issues of payment of salaries of the state public service and at the same time try to rationalize the situation of local government service workers particularly teachers. They should all be ashamed for their callous appeal for patience on the part of these workers who have had to go through intense hardship, agony and pain as a result of the inept and clueless leadership of Gov. Wada.

Telling the people that the legitimate and morally correct clamor for power shift should not be spontaneous but one that should be planned and executed methodically and conscientiously is nothing but hokum. One now begin to wonder where these ‘elders’ have been for the past four years. It is moronic and specious for any individual or group to regard the clamor for power shift as spontaneous when a senatorial district has monopolized leadership in the state since its creation except for the interlude of six years military rule created. Who says power shift is at the mercy of any individual; imagine our so-called ‘elders’ telling us they have sent emissaries to His Highness, Capt. Wada who will ‘dash’ us power shift after he might have had his fill. It’s amazing the depth some people are prepared to descend for pecuniary gains. It’s about time we ask these people who made them ‘lords’ over us and when has the hopes and aspirations of our people become items of trade and coins of lotto?

I believe it is time for every indigene of Kogi State to unite against injustice in our state, it is time we come together to reverse this ubiquitous trend of bad leadership ravishing our state and put in place a system that will enable the best of us to emerge as leaders. Great societies are ruled by their best and not by a band of common thieves that do nothing but devise ingenious ways to looting the treasury and serve the vilest and most primitive of human instincts; greed. If we don’t stand up against these rapacious lot in the borrowed and deceitful garb of elders, Kogi State will remain underdeveloped and will continue to be acclaimed for very negative reasons and that will constitute a gargantuan problem for us as exemplified in the menace of armed robbery and kidnapping the state is infamously renowned for. Making this necessary change will put us in a better stead to build a society based on justice, equity, tolerance, honesty and development. We must intensify efforts to bring an abrupt end, not the programmed suggestion of some ‘elders’ to the prejudices, injustices, and vision-less irresponsible, corrupt leadership that has failed to lay the solid foundation for a viable state and make necessary investment and sacrifice for its prosperity. We must all wake up from this stupor and start regarding and treating these ‘elders’ and their cohorts as what they truly are; a hotchpotch of mercantilists masquerading as elders and leaders. They are the political “AGBEROS” whose bidding we must refuse because they have been and still remain the reason for the deplorable situation our state is presently in. ELDERS INDEED!

Anyway, when supposed elders begin to rationalize absurdities, it’s a clear indication that they have been compromised and have taken the ignoble decision to sacrifice collective good on the altar of personal interests. That is when big grammar becomes a tool of misdirection to confuse the people. The time for power shift in Kogi State is ripe and right and no rehash of mercantilism will stop this clamor. We must identify genuine leaders and know how to keep charlatans and opportunists at bay. These political jobbers need be told in clear terms to quit this wicked barren business they have gleefully engaged in over time to the detriment of the people, for falsehood will eventually consume its vendors,