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Election 2019: Jimi Agbaje assures Lagos citizens equal right to quality health care



Jimi Agbaje, the governorship candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Lagos state has said all citizens in the state will have equal right to quality and affordable health care once he is voted in as the next governor of the state.

In a trending campaign video, the revered pharmacist maintained health is one of the key rights which citizens must not be denied.

Agbaje, stated this while revealing his mission to make Lagos a state where all the people will have equal rights to basic amenities including adequate health care.

“The citizens are entitled to rights and as far as I’m concerned, health is one those rights, you must not die, you must not be troubled because you don’t have money in your pocket to treat yourself,” he said.

Agbaje who has been agitating for the equal right of people to health since 2007 promised a reformed health insurance scheme driven by private sector that would be regulated and financed by the state government.

He said, “I have been number one advocate for the equal right to health and health insurance scheme.

“A Health insurance scheme that is driven by private sector where the government is the regulator and the financier, so I am one those that said it is the government’s job to write a cheque on behalf of the citizens to the general practitioners and other providers for health services in a way that it will be that government would be the regulator to ensure that is getting value for money.

“So, for me, it’s no longer acceptable in a mega city in the 21st century to have our citizens go through what they go through, it’s just not acceptable.”

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