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EFCC: Corrupt politicians are blackmailing Magu



The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) says it has commenced investigations of platforms being used to promote derogatory campaign against Ibrahim Magu, acting chairman of the agency.

In a statement on Wednesday, Dele Oyewale, EFCC head of media and publicity, said such campaigns are being done by “overseas-based,  politically-exposed and disgraced elements” who are being investigated for “unnerving acts of corruption.”

“The attention of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) has been drawn to the antics of some few elements in the social media, employing desperate antics of blackmail, and smear campaigns against the successful war being fought against corrupt practices by the commission and its courageous chairman,  Ibrahim Magu,” Oyewale said.

“As a law enforcement agency,  the EFCC has enough facts about the sponsors of such insidious campaigns. It is an unflattering fact that corruption will always fight back and the Commission is not surprised that such a campaign could be coming from some overseas-based,  politically-exposed and disgraced elements being investigated for unnerving acts of corruption.”

The commission said Magu’s “courage, consistency and never-say-die spirit”,  has undoubtedly, earned him “a tribe of hard critics,  cynics and bitter foes.”

“However, it is uncharitable to link him with the ownership of some buildings belonging to other individuals with verifiable addresses,” Oyewale added.

“It is even ridiculous to allege that he shied away from being served a fictitious writ of summons over a  matter long decided by the Judiciary.

“The Commission finds every unfounded claim against it and its helmsman,  as desperate backlash from disreputable elements suffering its uncompromising works against corrupt practices.”

The EFCC advised the public to disregard such information while giving assurance that the outcome of their investigations would be made public

“We are not worried about such retrograde moves.  Members of the public only need to ignore tendencies aimed at blackmailing the EFCC and its workforce,” the commission said.

“The commission is on the trail of all the blackmailers and paid agents of darkness armed against it.  Massive investigations of the platforms being used and their promoters have commenced.

“Facts about their operations shall be made known to the public and outcome of investigations being carried out shall also be released to the public.  Appropriate legal actions are also being taken against bloggers and their promoters embarking on a campaign of calumny against the commission.

“The EFCC, its helmsman and entire workforce would not be dismayed or distracted in any way.  The task of fighting corruption is sacrosanct and no reactionary antics of detractors will succeed against the commission.”