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Daniel Bwala: A Real-Life Pinocchio – Maiwada Dammallam



Watching Daniel Bwala theorizing PDP’s victory come 2023 elections, it’s apparent either he’s suffering a rare kind of amnesia or he’s high on whatever it is they feast on in Wadata Plaza. While he agreed that in 2015 there was problem of insecurity that gave APC an edge over PDP, today, in his words, “even Abuja is not safe.” I wonder which Abuja or where Bwala was when bombs and IEDs were exploding almost on weekly basis in Abuja including some right under the nose of former President Jonathan in the 3-Arms Zone?

Bozo has completely forgotten how Abuja was littered with mangled torsos and shredded limbs of victims of regular bomb blasts for the Federal Capital to be anything but safe. He must have forgotten how Jonathan caged himself inside the villa; appearing in public only when it’s absolutely necessary, even then, with more security than President Zelensky inspecting Russian attacks in Kiev. Definitely Pinocchio is somewhere very angry that Bwala’s nose was not crashing through TV screens across Nigeria.

And Bwala was so “angry” explaining Tinubu’s “deficiencies” non of which he left APC for to join the PDP. Bwala left APC only because Tinubu picked a Muslim running mate. Probably the poor chap felt he has blown enough Queen’s English laced with Latin jargon for APC to be a suitable running mate for Tinubu even if bringing zero electoral value to the ticket like Babachir of the grass cutting prowess or Dogara, another Lilliputian accidentally dressed in a giant’s suit and got so comfortable and used to it as to believe he is a truly a giant.

Bwala wouldn’t be blowing hot air about Tinubu’s age, capacity or anything under the sun had Tinubu, by any unimaginable fate picked him for a running mate. Bwala’s hot air is not about Nigeria and this is easily provable by matching his present and past positions on APC/Tinubu. People like Bwala would support the devil himself if they are convinced their personal ambitions are guaranteed. Listening to him talking about “integrity” and “character,” I couldn’t help but wonder if it’s the same Bwala who only few days ago was moving from one station to another trying to save Atiku Abubakar from Michael Achimugu, who presented to the public alleged audio clips of Atiku discussing how they fleece Nigeria using the convenience of SPVs when he served as Vice President. Apparently Bwala is working with a completely different definition of integrity and character with sane Nigerians. Well, let’s see how big his nose will grow from now to election day.

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