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COVID-19: Lockdown, Scorching Impacts Hit-Hard on Nigeria, Globally – Kano Medical Expert.



By Adamu Aminu, Kano.

The Impacts Lockdown restrictions were strictly imposed globally, particularly in Nigeria, in an all-out-efforts to flatten the curve of the novel coronavirus pandemic.

But the restrictions on the people’s movements have come with a scorching effects in the lives of many people with regards to their daily struggle in various endeavours of earning livelihood.

Among the enumerated effects of the pandemic was the restrictions of people movements in Nigeria and parts of the globe, aiming to shield the populace towards being infected with the universal-embroiled pandemic – COVID-19.

In a paper presented on Thursday, in Kano during a round-table interaction, organised by Kano state government in conjunction with Challenge Initiatives, through DEVCOM, the Director public Kano state health Ministry of health Dr Imam Wada Bello said the pandemic has grossly affected.many areas, such as economic aspects, and distraction of health services and many other socio-economic angles.

Dr Imam Bello said the lockdown has negatively touched the way habitual services were carried-out especially family planning, immunization and many health services.

“You can imagine due to the movement restrictions, a lot of people were even hustling to feed self and their families, while any are less concerned on how to get FP commodities because of the services inconsistency”

“Many husbands stayed indoors in their homestead which triggered arousal of matrimonial intercourse with their spouses, to the extent that alot of accidental pregnancies may emerge during the period of staying-indoors.

Dr Bello hinted that with the regards to Governor Abdullahi Umar Ganduje derictives for hospitals to thronged open their doors for administering routine health services, it has been realized that the activities have been restored and health workers are now rolled-up their sleeves to face the challenges ahead.

The Director added that the state government has recieved FP commodities from the federal government and onward allocation have kick-started to the health facilities in state aiming to at ensure the commodities are much and readily available for distribution in the state.

While commenting, the FP coordinator Kano state Ministry of health Sa’a Nata’ala said the ministry is working round-the-clock in training and retraining of FP service providers targeting to achieved the desired objectives in the state.

She retained that with the coming-up of FP commodities from the federal government distribution had kicked-off to health care centers in Kano.

Nata’ala notified health providers from instructing clients to buy contraceptives like,inflanol, injectables,and pills from external pharmacy, stating that all FP commodities were being provided by government free of charge to the public.

“There would never be any accepted reasons, should any client purchases any commodities from pharmacy or chemist”

Earlier the coordinator of TCI in Kano Dr Musa Abdullahi Sufi said the media advocacy on Family planning in Kano was profitable and currently yielding desired outcomes.