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Consumers Complain Bitterly Of Fidson Bitters’ Poor Performance …Product May Be Scrapped, MD’s Son Accused Incompetence



When Fidson HealthCare Plc, one of the leading pharmaceutical companies in Nigeria, launched its brand of bitters in the market, many had thought that the product would quickly take over the market from other brands of bitters already enjoying high patronage from consumers.
The high expectations on the product was because of the track records of Fidson, which is known for quality and is respected for it. But unfortunately, this was never the case.
Maybe if the management of the company had known that its Fidson Bitters would perform woefully in the market, they would have had a second thought before introducing the product to consumers.
Brands of bitters are liquid products consumed by Nigerians because of their medicinal value. They are herbal mixtures sold to treat some illnesses of the body. Most bitters are consumed by men, who believe they help clear the body of unwanted body materials and also improve their sexual performances.

Few of the leading bitters in the market today include Yoyo Bitters, Ashetu Bitters from Ghana and others, which work effectively and are rushed by Nigerians in the market.Source has observed that since Fidson Bitters hit the market, it has done poorly in the market and even other competitors don’t see Fidson Bitters as a threat to them anymore.

“I tried the product (Fidson Bitters) once and when I noticed that it is not as good as my Yoyo Bitters, I threw it away before it causes another problem to my body system,” one consumer told source.
“Fidson Bitters is not doing well in the market at all, people don’t buy it, but prefer other products. They complained that it is not as effective as others. But this is unlike Fidson, which is known for quality. I regret buying the product,” one of the sellers of range of bitters drinks in Lagos told our reporter.

“Another seller told us that, “Maybe Fidson rushed to introduce their own brand of bitters into the market without proper planning and studying of the market.”
However, according to a report by, the reason for the poor performance of Fidson Bitters in the market was attributed to the son of the company’s Managing Director, Fidelis Ayebae, Oshoke.

A source in the company was quoted by the news journal to have revealed that, “Oshoke believes because his father owns the company, he can do whatever he likes. He doesn’t know the job and will not engage professionals to help out in pushing the products in the market.

“Many professional agencies have come to meet him over the product, but he kept sending them away. What he does is to employ sales girls himself and send them into the market.
“Those one always come back without selling a single bottle of Fidson Bitters. Until the guy allows professionals push the product, I don’t see the bitters going anywhere.”

Meanwhile, it was reported that the management of the company are considering scrapping Fidson Bitters because of its massive failure in the market. Efforts made by source to get to speak with the company’s representatives were futile.

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