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Cocky con uses Facebook pics to brag about cushy life behind bars



Cell by date … con keeps consumables under 50in TV

A COCKY lag bragged about a 50in TV and huge collection of top-brand trainers in his cell as he showed off his cushy life behind bars with online photos.

Burglar Warren Tevlin, who boasted of holding a party, posted snaps and videos which also reveal a massive stockpile of food.

Got it cushy … Tevlin

In other brags which will enrage his victims, pampered Tevlin talks about having a £540 iPhone 6, £115 Gucci flip-flops and how he enjoys watching X Factor on telly while relaxing in hotel-style Egyptian cotton sheets on his bed.

Tevlin, 32, got two years and six months in August for burglary.

Sneakering about … Tevlin put photos online showing off huge collection of expensive trainers

The father-of-four was also jailed in 2011 for a similar crime. He had convictions for 19 offences, including theft and assault, at the time.

He is held at Forest Bank Prison in Salford, Gtr Manchester. The crook has been on Facebook and Snapchat often despite lags being banned.

In one video seen by The Sun, loud music can be heard and the caption says “Big tune. Bender in pen cause I can.” He then posted on Facebook: “Party in my pad!!”

Previous photos show mountains of food. The inmate also bragged of his TV, posting a picture saying: “A bit of X Factor in bed why not.”

Larder than life … Tevlin’s food haul

Another snap shows his expensive Nike and Puma trainers collection, including ones monogrammed with his initials. He writes: “Santa as been to see mr t. loads of new cloths n foot where.” A pal replies: “Look like ur livin the dream.” Another says: “Bet you don’t wana come home.”

Manchester Labour MP Graham Stringer called for a prison inquiry and said: “My major concern is he is using the internet and posting things and that would allow him to threaten or abuse people.

“He shouldn’t have access to the internet in that way. At the very minimum he is boasting about the luxury of his situation which many people will find offensive.”

A Prison Service spokesman said: “We took action against this offender as soon as these images came to light. He has been stripped of his privileges and could face extra time added to his sentence.

“We also immediately asked Facebook to remove the profile and this has been done.”

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