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Church Attacked After Female Worshiper Was Caught With Boy, Corpse & Four Human Heads In A Ghana-Must-Go



A church (name withheld) in Ikorodu area of Lagos State was on Wednesday set on fire by angry mob after a worshiper at the church was found with a corpse, four skulls and a boy that was tied with twine.
The suspect, Rosemary Chukwu implicated her pastor after claiming that he sent her.Eyewitness said Rosemary was carrying a sag (Ghana-must-go) that contained a baby boy, a dead baby and four skulls and was found out by some residents of the area who suspected her movements. While she was being beaten, she confessed that her pastor was the one who sent her.

The enraged residents, who, on getting to the church, reportedly could not find the pastor, was said to have resorted to setting it on fire before the police came to dispatch them.
Five people who also worship at the church were said to have been arrested by the police.
The pastor of the church was alleged to have escaped after the news of the arrest of the woman filtered to him.

According to an eyewitness “We found a boy that was properly tied with twine in the Ghana-Must-Go bag and when we began to torture her, she confessed that she was sent by the pastor of that church.”
He also added that “when we searched around that church, we saw a man in chain (pictured above with residents) and we discovered some skulls of people, that might have been killed for ritual purposes.”

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